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Handprint Family Christmas Tree Craft

handprint family Christmas treeHolidays are always fun times to work on crafts with the family. Christmas is my favorite holiday for everything, especially crafting. This year we created our “family tree” Christmas tree using cutouts of our handprints! See how you can too below:

1) Trace one hand from each family member onto green construction paper and cut out the prints. We used crayon to trace so it was not messy around the little ones’ hands. For the most accurate hand shapes, cut inside the drawn line. For the smallest print, I made a slight point at the wrist as it will be the top of the tree. Since my husband was deployed this year, he traced his hand and sent us a cutout in the mail!

hand tracing

2) Glue together your handprints, overlapping slightly with the largest on the bottom layer to the smallest on top, to make an evergreen tree.

gluing hand tree

3) Let your little ones decorate the tree. You can have them decorate however they want, but I had my son use fingerpaint to put his finger prints for ornaments and he squeezed on glitter glue for the tinsel. We finished it off with a star sticker at the top. Write the name of each family member on their handprint and be sure to mark the year so you can see how your tree grows each year!

decorating hand tree (2)4) Let the decorations completely dry then you can put a magnet on the back or hang it on your tree or frame it like I did! My frame was too big so I put a piece of red construction paper directly behind it to make it pop and laid that on top of a large sheet of white paper that my son colored.

Christmas family handprint tree-Are you going to try this? Share your Handprint Family Christmas Tree craft photos on my Facebook wall!

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