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Laundry Simplified-Purex Laundry Help Smartphone App

Disclaimer: I am a Purex Insider and will be compensated for app downloads.
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purex laundry help app homeI. Love. This. App. Honestly, I never thought I would really love a laundry app of all things, but the Purex Laundry Help app is so incredibly useful! This is a tool that the whole family can use to make washing clothing a little bit easier. After all, there will always be more laundry; it is an unavoidable task so why not make it a little more fun and a lot easier?!

Here are some of my favorite sections of the Purex Laundry Help App:

  • purex laundry help app label decoderLabel Decoder: Ever wonder what all those pictures on the tags mean? The Label Decoder helps to figure out what all those symbols mean. Some are easier to “decode” like the “no iron” picture while others like the “non-chlorine bleach as needed” symbol is a lot more obscure and confusing. This tab takes out the guessing so you can take care of the washing as it is meant to be taken care of.




  • purex laundry help app laundry timerStain Guide: Stains are all so different it can be difficult to figure out how to best remove each stain. Adding different types of fabric only makes stain-removal more complex. The Stain Guide makes it easy by allowing you to choose the category of stain, what caused the stain and what type of material the stain is on and giving you the best solution!





  • purex laundry help app stain guideLaundry Timer: If you are like me, you start the laundry and let it go and completely forget you even started it in the first place. This can waste so much time and frequently leads to the need of re-washing the load to avoid rancid smells and mold. The Laundry Timer is just that–a timer for your laundry! Set it and it will beep to remind you when your laundry finishes so you can switch the clean, wet linens from the washer to the dryer.




The Purex Laundry Help app also has tabs for product information, promotions, fabric care, ironing and folding, a barcode scanner and even a fun mix and match game! Download the app for yourself (it’s FREE!) and let me know what your favorite tab is! Leave a comment below or on my Facebook wall!

FREE App Downloads:

  • Android users, download the app HERE
  • iPhone users, download the app HERE

Download the app above using one of the links provided then enter HERE for your chance to win one of three free iPad minis!

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