Rainbow Chili Recipe

Rainbow Chili Recipe Cover Photo

  Chili is where it’s at.   I love chili all year round, but sometimes the heavier, spicier chili isn’t quite as good in the warmer months. I wanted a chili that is light, bold, fresh, and perfect for spring

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DIY Rainbow Button Canvas Art

Rainbow Canvas Art Cover

Hi, I’m Alyssa and I have a canvas addiction.     The number of canvas pieces I have in my house…probably a bit much, but they look so amazing! Check out my other canvas tutorials here I love hanging up

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Super Simple Rainbow S’more Snack

Rainbow S'mores Recipe

With St. Patrick’s Day in a couple weeks, I have rainbows on my mind–foods, projects…I’ll be sharing a few. While we don’t necessarily celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, I love any excuse to do a rainbow craft or recipe. To kick

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Rainbow Sentence Building Activity

Rainbow Sentence Building Activity Teaching Kids

Since rainbows are so much fun, I thought it would be awesome to use them for a learning activity (you know, so learning is fun too!) I am currently working with my oldest son on reading, so I wanted to

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A Rainbow of Ways to Teach Colors

I had a lot of fun teaching my preschool-age son colors so I compiled a RAINBOW of activities we used to sharpen his color identification skills (as well as some more advanced lessons including color mixing, science, match, and etc.)

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