Fairy Mobile Coloring Page Craft Tutorial

Fairy Mobile Cover

When I was busy creating my fairy coloring page, I couldn’t stop so I created a cut-out coloring page fairies set you can assemble! I decided to create a couple fairy craft tutorials using them; the first is my Fairy

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Honey Bee Fairy Adult Coloring Page

Honey Bee Fairy Coloring Page Cover

This month’s free coloring page challenge was something out of my comfort zone…   Fairies     I would not consider myself much of a “girly girl”, so making a fairy coloring page made me a bit nervous. However, I

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FREE Flower Bouquet Adult Coloring Page

Flowers Mixed Media Samples

In my spare time, I love to doodle. I doodle night and day. Since adult coloring books are “all the rage” right now, so I started drawing some pages to print. I am actually working on a unique coloring book (that I hope to launch before Easter!) so I decided it would be a great idea to start sharing some of my work with you…

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DIY Kid Doodle Coloring Book

Doodle Coloring Book

This makes a great Christmas gift! The holiday season is upon us, so I have been getting everyone’s gifts in order. I absolutely love giving gifts, and the more sentimental and well-thought-out they are, the better. I wanted something extra

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R2D2 Juice Boxes and FREE Printable

R2D2 Juice Boxes

  It’s no secret that my boys like Star Wars…and boy are they excited about the new movie coming out!   Of course, my son had to have a Star Wars birthday party this year. You may have seen my Star

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FREE Spring Coloring Printout

CLICK HERE to print out this FREE Spring coloring page by Arts & Crackers. Thank you for following my blog! Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+! Written by Alyssa Darby Follow me on Google+,

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