The Hungry Moon Printable Package

Make mealtime or snack time much more fun and educational with this printable “The Hungry Moon” collection! This page contains affiliate links.

Hungry Moon Printable Collection

The placemats feature a vintage-inspired hand-drawn illustration by yours truly along with a trail of “cheese asteroids” inspired by Moon Cheese snacks. I love finding ways to make fun activities educational, so I added some fun facts about the moon, such as the phases of the moon and the origin of the idea that the moon is made of cheese, to give children something to read while they eat.

Hungry Moon Snack Printable Placemat for Kids Square
Hungry Moon Snack Printable Placemat for Kids Close


The collection features these printables:

  • Cover page with instructions and inspiration
  • 10 8×10 printable placemats with various backgrounds
  • 1 printable coloring page
  • 1 printable blank greeting card
  • 1 printable color-in greeting card
  • 1 8×10 printable “Dreams soar over the moon” frame-worthy wall art
  • 1 8×10 printable mini poster/sticker chart (same as the placemat but no mealtime instructions)
  • Page citing sources
    Hungry Moon Snack Printable Placemat for Kids Collection

    Print all in this collection or pick and choose your favorite placemat designs. Print them on slightly heavier paper (and the cards on cardstock paper) then laminate them so they can be washed and used over and over. I use this laminator and I love it; it’s so easy to use.

    Hungry Moon Snack Printable Placemat for Kids Hands

    You can even try laminating the coloring page so kids can color it over and over with dry erase markers or crayons!

    Hungry Moon Printable Collection Sale Image

    I highly recommend printing the collection at an office store or printer as it will save on ink and paper since the placemats and wall art prints are full-color.

    You can purchase this collection on Gumroad.


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