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Handprint & Footprint Gourd Canvas Art

Gourds Handprint and Footprint Canvas Art

You love making handprint and footprint keepsake art with the kids, but you just don’t know a good way to display them. Beautiful painted papers are scattered all over your house. What I have started doing was making seasonal handprint canvas

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Handprint Scarecrow Art

Handprint Scarecrow Painted Palms

Handprint art is a great way to create something adorable and record milestones because you can see how your child’s hand grows over the years. You can make so many different things for so many occasions. I really wanted to

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Spider Web and Bug Halloween Activity | DIY Cup-and-Ball Game

Make this fun cup-and-ball style Halloween Game, Spider Web Catch, as a Halloween activity or a non-candy treat for trick-or-treaters! #halloween #kidsactivities | Halloween Activity | Activities for Kids | DIY Crafts | Halloween Craft

Each year for Halloween, we like to participate in the Teal Pumpkin Project, which offers allergy-friendly treats to trick-or-treaters. We go beyond choosing allergy-free candy options and offer Halloween crafts instead! Usually our crafts still require some type of stickers

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