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Tips and Ideas for Family Time At Home and On the Go

Family time is something that is very important to us. As a military family, we are not always able to get together as a family, so we plan family activities as much as possible when we are together.


Family time is important, so make it a priority, whether you are at home or on the go. Get the most out of your family time with these tips.Great for Pinning Image Pin It Button

If you know me, you know how much I love board games, so I am excited to partner with Spin Master to share this fun new Cars 3 board game and our family activity night tips with you!
Whether you are at home or traveling for vacation, family time should be a priority. Yes, vacation counts as family time, but even vacation can become busy and overwhelming, so it is important to stop for quality family time. These ideas below will help you get the most of family time at home and on the go.


Cars 3 Game Time Square


Play board games (even on vacation)

Just this past week, we decided to travel and take a trip to the beach. We saw some wild horses, learned about the ocean, searched for conch shells, and rode on a ferry. Cleaning up the hotel room after all the fun took a good chunk of time, so we made a point to pause our busyness for a while to play a super cool new board game with the boys — Spin Master’s Cars 3 Thunder Hollow Mud Madness Game.


Cars 3 Game Family Time Thunder Holow Mud Madness Board Game


This children’s board game is sold exclusively at Walmart stores. It’s a two player game and my boys have enjoyed playing it together! Both are able to play it and understand the rules (a 3-year-old and a 6-year-old) so it has been wonderful for sibling bonding as well. E always wanted to be Lightning McQueen and S was Cruz Ramirez.


Cars 3 Game Time Lightning McQueen


Even at home, it is so important to stop during the busyness of the days and make time to do family activities. We love pulling out children’s board games for this because they are not only fun, but also educational.


Have a board game championship

As a family, we were able to take turns playing  the Thunder Hollow board game with our boys since this is a two-player game. You can turn this into a championship type game. Make a bracket system and the final two go head to head or the winner each round goes on to challenge the next contestant. 


Cars 3 Game Time Together


In this Cars 3 children’s board game, the objective is to be the first to make it around the track three times. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are several opportunities to be bumped back or crash into other characters like Miss Fritter. 

I love that this board game encourages decision-making and weighing risks. There are two dice players can choose from to roll, the “safe” die or the “risky” die. E almost always played it safe, but Daddy chose the risky die because there was a chance to move faster around the track, as long as he didn’t crash.


Find other uses for board games

My boys even turn it into a race track when they are through using it as a game, racing the car game pieces around the figure eight track, which is great for working on motor skills.


Cars 3 Game Time Boys


Don’t you just love board games that have alternative uses? I know I do. This game board comes with four pieces that fit together like a puzzle, unlike other game boards that fold. This is just another opportunity for the kids to practice those motor skills as well as problem solving to piece the puzzle together. Flip the game board over, and there’s another picture on the back! S is puzzle-obsessed, so he spent a good amount of time piecing the board together, flipping it over and doing it again and again.


Go to the movies

Have you seen Cars 3 yet? We have and we all loved it (we may or may not end up getting it for the kids on DVD…shhhh.). Make a movie date with the kids to see this family-friendly movie for one of your upcoming family night activities.


Cars 3 Game Time Long


Plan activities around movie night

Why just go see a movie when you can lengthen the fun with movie-themed activities? Play the board game or color these Cars 3 coloring pages together. Go to a local track and have a race. Build a wooden race car. Make a vehicle-themed snack. Make a muddy race car track sensory bin! (Search my site for fun car and vehicle activities to try!)



Capture those memories

Yes, yes, I do make a point to take pictures because I know I will be writing a blog post, but seriously…take pictures! Even something as simple as playing a board game or heading to the movie theater makes a memory you will want to last. Some day you will want to remember that time your son “crashed” Lightning McQueen on the board game and ever-so-dramatically dropped his head backwards and sighed, then gave a little giggle because it’s all part of the game.


Cars 3 Game Time Crashed


Remember, these pictures will do much more than just show you playing a game or watching a movie. Pictures are a way to remember the fun you had together as a family. To spark those silly stories and inside jokes at get-togethers. They are something to look at and re-live when life gets so busy as the kids head off to school and you’re missing those times together.


Cars 3 Game Time Dad and Son


Family night…board games…make them a priority. Set a day once a week, even once a month if you are very busy, and spend time as a family laughing and playing and learning and capturing those wonderful memories.


Have you seen Cars 3? Did you love it too? What are some of your favorite family night activities?

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  1. My son LOVES board games!

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  3. I seriously bawled during the movie! It was so good!

  4. These are some really great suggestions and these activities seem so much fun. Gonna save this post for later. Thanks for sharing these ideas!

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