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Rustic Frosted Frames Winter Home Decor DIY Project Tutorial

Throughout the year, I love to decorate with seasonal decor. This time I was really looking for something fun and classy that could hang on the wall, so I came up with this Frosted Frames winter home decor.

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My Frosted Frames winter home decor turned out great–I am very pleased with it. Something great about this is that it is customizable. What I started out with was not where I ended up going in the end–I went for a more rustic/elegant feel than the initial playful look I had originally envisioned.

I love crafting, especially to decorate my home for the different seasons, so I am happy to partner with Oriental Trading Company to share this beautiful winter home decor tutorial with you.

This winter home decor is made using supplies from Oriental Trading Company! We love their products for parties (like our Underwater Party and our Airplane Party) and for school, but they have some awesome craft supplies too. Since many of the products (i.e. the frames) come in bulk for parties, I decided to try something that would use multiple of them and make them look like a window.


Frosted Frames Winter Home Decor Square


Frosted Frames Winter Home Decor


Supply List:


Frosted Frames Winter Home Decor 6 Supplies



1. Remove the backs and glass from the frames.

2. Add a layer of epoxy, per the package instructions, along the edges of the frames–you will need them to fit together like a window frame, so make sure you do not epoxy the outside areas.


Frosted Frames Winter Home Decor 1


3. Clamp the frames tightly together so they form a window shape, making sure all the glued parts are completely touching and squared off. Let this sit according to the epoxy instructions (I left mine overnight for good measure, to make sure everything was fully hardened.).


Frosted Frames Winter Home Decor 2


4. While the epoxy is drying, grab one of the glass pieces from a frame and stick the cursive foam letters onto it. I made mine say “Let it snow.”


Frosted Frames Winter Home Decor 3


5. Spray over the frame using the snow spray. Do a thin layer for a frosted look, but make sure it gets all around the letters so you will be able to read them. I recommend spraying in a cardboard box as there will be a lot of overspray.


Frosted Frames Winter Home Decor 4


6. Lightly spray the remaining glass pieces with the snow spray. Let the fake snow dry. Note: from what I have found, this will not completely dry off, so you will want to be careful handling it even after the labeled drying period from the package.

7. Once the frame is ready and the epoxy is completely hardened, you can begin painting. Here is where things went a little differently, so I will share with you what I actually did and what I would do next time. Begin with a layer of white paint. Let dry. I found that painting in their craft trays worked great so the paint didn’t get on the floor (where I do my crafting).


Frosted Frames Winter Home Decor 5


8. Originally I wanted a weathered look, so I sanded down some of the edges. It just wasn’t showing well with the light wood and white paint, so later on I used a gold paint pen to add wood-texture detailing. I recommend doing that step at this point if you are going to.

9. Carefully place the glass pieces back into the frames with the spray snow part facing outward so the words read correctly.

10. Cut cardstock to fit into the frames. I recommend doing this before adding the spray snow to the frames so you can trace the edges to get the right size, but I waited until later on. I also started with a blue color, but later switched to something more subdued–a beige color.

11. Snip the metal hanger off of the rustic snowflakes. You will want to carefully use wire cutters for this (my kitchen scissors actually have this tool, so you may not need actual wire cutters.).

12. Place the snowflakes in three of the frames on top of the glass. You can glue these in place if you wish, but I just let them float freely.


Frosted Frames Winter Home Decor 6


13. Add the cut cardstock pieces behind the designs then place the frame backing back on and turn the tabs so it stays in place. You can glue this if you wish, but I just left it in case I want to change the colors later.


Frosted Frames Winter Home Decor 7


14. Wipe away a little of the spray snow from the front of the glass so you can see the snowflake through.


Frosted Frames Winter Home Decor 8


15. Once all the paint is dry, glue pine cones onto the corners using hot glue or super glue.


Frosted Frames Winter Home Decor 9


16. Give the pine cones some detail by brushing white acrylic paint on the edges to give the appearance of snow. Let the paint and glue dry completely.


Frosted Frames Winter Home Decor 10


17. I went back through and added the gold paint later to give it more elegant detail; but again, I recommend doing this earlier on (before you glue on the pinecones.).


Frosted Frames Winter Home Decor 11


18. If you wish, attach something to hang the piece on the wall. If you choose to do this, you may want to remove the frame stands from the back or it will stick out funny. I left mine on and utilized the bottom two so the Frosted Frames winter home decor stands up on a table, shelf, or mantle.


Frosted Frames Winter Home Decor CoverFrosted Frames Winter Home Decor LongFrosted Frames Winter Home Decor Close


For another fun Christmas version of this DIY winter home decor, try making one that looks like a Christmas gift then adding pictures inside of some of your greatest gifts (your family). This is on my project agenda. I will attach it just as before, paint the frame with stripes, add some of the green wired ribbon as if it is wrapped with a bow at the top (portrait layout for this one), then I will either leave the backs and add photos inside or add a thin Christmas ribbon or twine strand and hang photos inside with mini clothespins.

Oriental Trading Company has some fantastic Christmas decor, projects, and craft supplies too!


Do you decorate by season? Do you go all out or just add a few decorations here and there? Share with me in the comments!

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