Unconventional Stocking Stuffer Ideas by Category

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Babies

Babies don’t need a bunch of toys and they certainly don’t need candy, but if you want to make their first stockings special, try these!

308. Onesie

309. Bib

310. Rattle

311. Oball

312. Household items without batteries (old phone cleaned up, TV remote)

313. Small stuffed animals

314. Teether

315. Diapers

316. Baby food and snacks

317. Keepsake ornament

318. Taggies blanket


Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Teens

We all know teens can be hard to shop for, but these are some essential and cool ideas your teen may actually think are pretty awesome.

319. Car wash supplies

320. Car fresheners

321. Phone accessories (They have some neat lenses you can add to phone cameras!)

322. Wireless mouse

323. Theme park or movie tickets (For a friend, too!)

324. Career-promoting gifts (If the teen is passionate about pursuing a certain career field)

325. Fidget toys/Rubik’s cube

326. Gym membership

327. Hair or nail salon gift date
Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Adults

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Your Spouse

Maybe you fill a stocking for your spouse. We do usually add something small for each other, often a hand-written letter and maybe a little trinket. Here are some great gifts to give to your spouse (and they don’t even need to cost much, you know, if you have a rule not to spend too much on each other.).

328. Coupons for date night activities (Check out my list of date night activities!)

329. Coupons for housework (i.e. Guys give coupons where they’d wash the dishes, ladies give coupons where hey’d take out the trash, vice versa…whatever works for your house.)

330. Dinner and a movie

331. Find a babysitter and plan a very special night, then announce as a note in the stocking

332. Have a very special photo preserved in a fun way

333. Check off something on your spouse’s bucket list or “I’ve always wanted” list…horseback riding lessons, swimming with dolphins, deep sea fishing, family ancestry records, trip to Paris, locate a hard-to-find item from his/her childhood, sign up for an art class

334. Hand-written letter

335. Massage certificate



Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Fun

Not just toys, folks. Some of these are a little bit odd, but the kids love them!

336. Bubble wrap

337. Tissue paper

338. Bubbles

339. Beanie Babies (My kids actually love these.)

340. Doll house accessories and peg dolls

341. Pet supplies to announce getting a new pet

342. Balloons/balloon animal kit

343. Glow sticks

344. Flowers in a vase (Ditch the water for now and just wrap the stems in a damp towel.)

345. Off-brand Yeti cup (Yeti cups are okay, too, but they cost more and the off-brand works awesome!)

346. Small building blocks

347. Glow-in-the-dark stars for the ceiling

348. Name a star (Great for young kids who are outer space-obsessed.)

349. Plastic toy animals (We love toys that don’t make noises and leave space for the imagination.)

350. Spinning tops

351. Thinking Putty

352. Hacky sack/Koosh Ball

353. Bean bags or play snowballs to toss (Re-use the stocking as a basket–attach a ring around the top to keep it opened.)


Stocking Stuffer Ideas Other

These are other great stocking stuffers that are often included in stockings, gifted around the holidays, or just something needed but often forgotten (ahem, batteries).

354. Bible

355. Money or gift cards

356. Calendar

357. Batteries


In the end, it really doesn’t matter what you give your children in their stockings. What they truly just want is time with you. Take advantage of the holiday to accomplish that and do something special with them. Don’t stress the gifts. Hopefully this list has helped you get some thoughtful ideas for your children so you can spend more time having fun with them and less time preparing for the day.


What are your favorite stocking stuffer ideas listed? Have any other fun ideas? Share with me in the comments!

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  1. Your very first list included my favorite stocking gift. When I was a child, Christmas was the only time of the year I had an orange and I could depend upon it. Rarely I received a banana. In addition, my long brown stocking usually had peanuts in the shell (for some reason Mom didn’t think about putting them in a separate container), nuts in the shell, hard Christmas candy filled with jelly, ribbon candy and vanilla creme drops. Yes, I was born a long, long time ago.

  2. Wow so many great stocking stuffer ideas! I like to put a lil candy in our stockings but prefer to fill them with other goodies. Thanks for the ideas.

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