Unconventional Stocking Stuffer Ideas by Category

Get ready for Christmas with this huge list of unconventional stocking stuffers, all categorized for convenience. Find just what you need | Stocking Stuffer | Stocking Stuffer Ideas | Stockings | Stocking Fillers | Christmas Stocking | What to Gift | Holiday Shopping | Christmas | Christmas Ideas | Christmas Activities | Gift Ideas | Christmas Gifts | Gift Guide | Christmas Gift Ideas | Christmas Shopping | Christmas Shopping List | Gift List | Holidays | Christmas Sock

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For the Photographer

My boys love taking pictures, just like Mommy. Just check out our Photography for Kids post! Help someone capture the moment with these stocking stuffers for photographers.

254. Disposable or point-and-shoot camera

255. Gift card to get photos printed

256. Memory/SD card

257. Small frame/photo album

258. Small photo props

259. Camera strap

260. Tripod


Stocking Stuffer Ideas For the Sports/Exercise Enthusiast

Get in gear with a stocking stuffed with sporting or exercise essentials or fan gear.

261. Gym shorts (Roll them up to fit them in better.)

262. Gym shoes (Small sizes should fit; fill the shoes with other items to conserve space.)

263. Sports/exercise gear–jump rope, cones, mouthguard, wrist and head bands, deflated pilates ball

264. Deflated ball and pump

265. Water bottle

266. Stopwatch

267. Pedometer/FitBit

268. Fan gear

269. Sports drinks or protein powder

Stocking Idea: Stocking for a favorite sports team.


Stocking Stuffer Ideas For the Musician

The musician in your life will love these.

270. Small instruments–castanets, maracas, harmonica, juice harps, rain stick

271. Foldable music stand or foldable plate/cookbook holder

272. Sheet music

273. Music writing program

274. Lined sheet music for composing

275. Metronome/tuner

276. Instrument cleaning supplies/accessories

277. iTunes gift card/CDs (I know, sort of archaic now.)

278. Tickets to a concert/symphony

279. Guitar picks/straps


Stocking Stuffer Ideas For the Gardener

Get ready for spring gardening with these garden essentials.

280. Gardening gloves

281. Seed packets (Hey, check out my Seed Packet Valentines!)

282. Trowel

283. Plant food

284. Miracle Grow Growables


Stocking Stuffer Ideas For the Winter Months

If the weather gets cold and snowy by you, plan some fun with these winter-wonderful stocking stuffer ideas.

285. Winter hats, gloves, ear muffs

286. Scarves

287. Snow paint

288. Fuzzy socks

289. Snowman supplies–soft hat, carrot, buttons, etc.

290. Small tissue packs

291. Garland supplies–construction paper, popcorn, string, cranberries

292. Hot cocoa mix and a mug



Stocking Stuffer Ideas For the Sentimental/Giving

Bring some cheer with stocking stuffers from the heart. Whether the recipient loves to give to others and wants nothing big, or if he/she loves all things hand-made and meaningful, these ideas are perfect.

293. Special Christmas ornament

294. Small family heirloom

295. Handmade items–knit scarf, sock snowman, painting to hang

296. Coupon book for activities to do together–spending one-on-one time for coffee dates, window shopping trips, going to the park

297. Something to give/donate (Most kids don’t make a lot of money, but they want to give to others; this is a great time to give them the gift of paying it forward and the life lessons that come with it.)
Stocking Stuffer Ideas Artist

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For the Handyman

Get ready to build and create with these stocking stuffers for the handyman. We love giving the boys tools that they can use as they get older. It’s a ways away, but check out this cute Father’s Day printable!

298. Small tools–hammer, screw driver, wrench, tape measure, stud finder, level

299. Nails, screws, nuts, bolts

300. Small pieces of wood

301. Small building kit

302. Wood glue

303. Ruler

304. Flashlight headband

305. Safety goggles

306. Unique gadgets (Swiss Army-type tools, mini tools)

307. Carpenter’s pencil


Here are about 50 more themed ideas, from fun items to stockings by age!

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  1. Your very first list included my favorite stocking gift. When I was a child, Christmas was the only time of the year I had an orange and I could depend upon it. Rarely I received a banana. In addition, my long brown stocking usually had peanuts in the shell (for some reason Mom didn’t think about putting them in a separate container), nuts in the shell, hard Christmas candy filled with jelly, ribbon candy and vanilla creme drops. Yes, I was born a long, long time ago.

  2. Wow so many great stocking stuffer ideas! I like to put a lil candy in our stockings but prefer to fill them with other goodies. Thanks for the ideas.

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