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The other day I was oohing and aahing about some knit crafts I had seen. Of course, I had to repeatedly ask myself why I had to go and forget how to knit. Then I saw a skein of yarn S, my toddler, had pulled out (because I keep yarn around just in case I remember how to knit) and I thought…”wouldn’t that make a cute snowman?!”

This yarn roll snowman was born.


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Someday I will remember how to knit, or at least go watch some videos and read the tutorials from my friend (check out Knits’ End), but until then, I decided I would make the most out of the yarn I had to create a really, really cute snowman craft for winter. This snowman craft tutorial is so simple and it took me just about 5 minutes to make it.


Cute Snowman Yarn Square

Cute Snowman Craft Tutorial


What You Need




1. Cut the bottom half off one of the socks to make a pouch.


Cute Snowman Yarn 1


2. Fill the sock pouch with the dry beans. I used just over half a bag of black eyed peas. Leave plenty room to tie it at the top and make sure you add enough to hold the snowman up, but not so much that it does not fit into the yarn skein. Tie the top shut using a rubber band. Make sure it is very tight so the pouch does not come open.


Cute Snowman Yarn 2


3. Using your thumbs, part the bottom of the roll (the top usually has a loose piece of string, so make sure you keep that at the top), then slowly and carefully push the pouch of beans inside until the bottom of the bag is flush with the bottom of the yarn roll.


Cute Snowman Yarn 3


4. At the top of the roll where there is an end string of yarn, pull it out some and cut two pieces that you will tie around the roll (I cut mine about 12 inches long) and one small piece if you are making the sock hat for this cute snowman.


Cute Snowman Yarn 4


5. Tie the strings around the cute snowman, pulling them tightly to cinch in the yarn stein and form a larger roll at the bottom, medium roll in the middle, and a smaller roll at the top for the head. Cut off any extra yarn.

6. Take the other sock and cut off the toe area and the band at the top. Cut into a strip along the top of the sock to make a nice, long scarf. Stretch it out a few times to make sure it’s long enough so you can tie it around the neck.


Cute Snowman Yarn 5


7. If you are making the sock hat, you will need to use the top of the first sock (the one that you cut into a pouch.). Trim off the bottom to make it flat, fold the bottom under so it looks smooth and doesn’t show the cut fabric, then tie around the top band to make a cute little poof at the top.


Cute Snowman Yarn 6


8. Cut a small triangle from the felt. Add hot glue to one edge, then carefully form a cone by rolling the glueless end over onto the glue end. Be careful not to burn yourself, but once the glue is nearly cooled but not hard, mold it carefully to make sure the nose is how you want it. Cut off any extra felt on the open end to make the nose flat and the length you want.


Cute Snowman Yarn 7 Cute Snowman Yarn 7b


9. Tie the sock scarf around the cute snowman’s neck.



Cute Snowman Yarn 9


10. Using hot glue, glue on felt nose, the pom pom eyes, and the three big, black buttons.


Cute Snowman Yarn 10


11. Stretch the sock hat and put it on the snowman (or place the store-bought hat on top) and add a little glue underneath so the hat stays in place on the snowman. If you want, glue two green hearts and three tiny, red buttons onto the corner of the hat to make it look like holly.


Cute Snowman Yarn Hat


12. Glue the sticks in place as arms.

If at any point you have yarn that gets a little loose and saggy, add a dab of hot glue to stick things back into place.


Yarn Ball Snowman Close


This yarn ball snowman is such a cute and easy-to-make decoration for winter and Christmas.


Yarn Snowman Long FrontYarn Snowman Long FullYarn Snowman Long PineCute Snowman Yarn Long


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Do you love snowmen? Do you consider yourself crafty? Will you be decorating for winter/Christmas? Share with me in the comments!

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  1. This snowman is so cute! What a neat idea!

  2. This is such a cute idea! I love decorating for Christmas. Absolutely adorable! 🙂

  3. Seeing these in person I just fell in love with them! So clever and I have several reminders work with!

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