Farmhouse Breakfast Party Theme and Menu Ideas


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  1. I like syrup and butter on my pancakes. I also like sausage or bacon and scrambled eggs.

  2. This is amazing! I want to come to your house for breakfast….but then again, you showed me how to make my house look like yours….so party time! 🙂

  3. Yum! This would be amazing to win , my kids love pancakes and waffles. I really enjoy chicken and waffles!

  4. My grandsons love Hungry Jack pancakes and when I visit them or they visit me, I always have to make a giant stack of pancakes for both of them.

  5. I like butter, syrup, and strawberries on my waffles.

  6. butter and maple syrup

  7. I love buttermilk pancakes with butter and maple syrup. I also love bacon and eggs over easy.

  8. I love to have syrup and butter and blueberries on my pancakes and I love Hungry Jack it is so good and easy to use!

  9. My family likes when I heat up maple syrup in the microwave, butter and chocolate chips.

  10. I love using a griddle. It enables you to make larger quantities so everyone can eat at the same time.

  11. I like whip cream, butter snd fresh strawberries on my pancakes.

  12. What a delicious idea! I love fresh berries on pancakes with sausage!

  13. Oh my gosh….this feast looks delicious! I think breakfast is my favorite meal. I love bacon, eggs and pancakes. I like butter and syrup on my pancakes.
    Thank you!

  14. This looks great,the potatoes look yummy. I love syrup on my pancakes

  15. I like fresh berries with whipped cream on my pancakes. It is so delicious!

  16. Heather Hayes Panjon

    I Love Buttermilk Pancakes With Extra Butter And Syrup!

  17. This looks amazing. I would love to win this. My kids would love it too and they could help me make breakfast 🙂

  18. The kids love waffles and pancakes. I would love a waffle maker.

  19. I love Hungry Jack pancakes and make them every week. I would love to get a new waffles maker.

  20. I like breakfast themed parties.

  21. I love to try new pancakes. I add bananas and nuts. Some times I have cinnamon chips too.

  22. I love bacon and pancakes, or sausage and pancakes, or eggs and pancakes, or fruit and pancakes, or pancakes! Oh yeah, with plain old maple syrup!

  23. I’m traditional.. I like butter and REAL maple syrup on my waffles.

  24. i like the orginal pancake mix and your recipe is awesome i like adding blueberry jam to mine

  25. I like real maple syrup and butter on my pancakes.

  26. I love waffles and omelettes.

    I enjoy syrup or powdered sugar on my pancakes/waffles!

  27. My family loves blueberry pancakes!

  28. I love the varieties for the pancakes!

  29. Great idea for feeding a crowd. Love the griddle and waffle maker!

  30. We love breakfast foods, but pancakes are our favorite. I make big batches and freeze them and throw one in the microwave for a snack. We often have breakfast for dinner also.

  31. We add vanilla and almond extract to our batter. Then add butter and syrup at the end. So very tasty. Love your party ideas

  32. I did a birthday party for my son a few years back and served breakfast food for dinner per his request. I’ll admit, it wasn’t an easy thing to do with the pancakes, waffles, French toast, meats and potatoes. We are a breakfast loving family and have Brinner once a week. Lately, I’ve be caramelizing bananas and pouring them over my pancakes along with maple syrup and walnuts. Waffles are fun, I like them with spicy fried chicken fingers. I saw a video online recently where they put the chicken strips right on the waffle iron and then poured in the batter. I’ll definitely be trying that one!

  33. Butter and syrup along with just about any kind of fruit ~ my daughter will put almond flavoring in the batter ~ so good ♡

  34. My family likes the varieties for the pancakes!

  35. I like just syrup on my pancakes butter is a little too much for me.


  36. What an amazing prize! And Hungry Jack is the best! My family demands a nice Sunday breakfast and I enjoy it too. That griddle would be perfect to help cook the back and then I would have flawless waffles in my new maker!

  37. I love to try Hungry Jack and definitely need a new waffle maker! we love to have waffles often and this would be fun to use with my daughter

  38. I like sliced fresh Peach on my pancakes or sometimes with only maple syrup.

  39. I think waffles are my favorite, although bacon is definitely in the top three. I usually like mine topped with some sort of fresh fruit.

  40. Leigh Anne Borders

    It looks like you all had a wonderful time. My fmaily loves to eat breakfast foods all the time. Waffles are one of our favorites, but bacon is always a MUST too!

  41. I love scrambled eggs, bacon, and pancakes. Yum! I usually eat my waffles and pancakes with plain maple syrup.

  42. We love fresh fruit in/on our pancakes & waffles! Love fried apples & cinnamon & peaches & cinnamon with whipped cream on our waffles & pancakes! We do blueberry, maple or strawberry syrup on our pancakes & waffles too! We love eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns & biscuits & gravy for breakfast too!! We

  43. I love Sunday mornings because it’s pancakes with lots of butter and maple and/or huckleberry syrup. We throw in a mix of strawberries and peaches and of course, we always have crispy bacon and scrambled eggs.

  44. Jacquelyn Schlageter

    I would love to get this. My husband eats a waffle 365 days a year. My waffle makers are the pits

  45. French Toast is my absolute favorite breakfast! I also love Pancakes with butter, syrup and whip cream!

  46. I love omelets and bacon while my family loves pancakes and waffles. I love to make pumpkin waffles and chocolate chip pancakes or huckleberry pancakes on Sunday mornings.

  47. Sundays here are always waffle or pancake days here. My waffle iron is pretty old and I could really use a new one.

  48. I want to try all of this for a breakfast get together or party. Great ideas. I love hungry jack.

  49. My favorite thing to eat pancakes is with syrup and bacon. I also love waffles with whipped cream and strawberries. Yum.

  50. I love a bagel sandwich (egg, cheese & Bacon) with homefries on the side! I also love chocolate chip pancakes!

  51. I usually eat cereal for breakfast. But when I go out for breakfast I love to get cream cheese stuffed french toast. We often have breakfast for supper, pancakes is a favorite.

  52. Sunday’s are the day for the big breakfast here~we love waffles and bacon with hot syrup!

  53. I like it simple, just syrup and butter.

  54. I love Blueberry Pancakes with lots of Syrup on them

  55. I’m pretty boring, but prefer a healthy portion of butter 🙂

  56. Yum! I love making pancakes. They are so filling and can be healthy if you make them out of whole foods 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win this. Looks like a fun time you had!

  57. I’m desperately craving pancakes and waffles right now.

  58. I love butter and lots of syrup on mine.

  59. I like butter and maple syrup

  60. I love their microwave syrup and we love pancakes with sausage!

  61. Waffles are at the top of my favorite breakfast foods, with pancakes not far behind. At this time of year, I love them with a topping of warm spiced apples. Another favorite breakfast food is a side of hash browns or home fries, but I hardly ever make them at home.

  62. I love waffles with berries and banana’s on them. We also like hash browns too and sides of sausage.

  63. I like butter and pure New Hampshire maple syrup on my waffles and pancakes

  64. I love waffles and pancakes! Especially buttermilk waffles or pancakes. My hubby doesn’t like waffles , but he enjoys pancakes. I love both with lots of maple syrup. I’ll even take strawberries on my waffles 🙂

  65. I love the farmhouse theme and decor. And the food looks totally delicious.

  66. Love pancakes especially with maple syrup!!!

  67. I love how you decorated! Now I want some breakfast! Yummy!

  68. We love breakfast (especially waffles) and having people over for brunch so I love all these ideas.

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