How to Pack the Perfect Picnic Lunch


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  1. When my children were little we would use a large mouth thermos bottle to bring hot dogs on our trips up north to visit Grandma and Grandpa. It would save us a lot of time and money. BTW, I love pickled beets so I would love to win your prize.

  2. My favorite picnic food include fruit salad, crackers, wraps, and cookies!

  3. On our picnics we bring along, cheese, fruit, bread and lunchmeat.

  4. We love going on picnics and I always bring along drinks, sandwiches, fresh fruit, cookies!

  5. We usually do sandwiches and chips but we like to bring along a Frisbee or ball to play with afterwards!

  6. This would be a nice way to liven up our picnics. We usually have sandwiches, dessert and fruit.

  7. I love to bring chicken salad sandwiches and fruit tarts to picnic with my boys.

  8. The kids love picnics. We usually pack sandwiches, fresh fruit, chips,crackers and cheese.

  9. My favorite picnic foods include tuna salad and pickles.

  10. My favorite picnic includes cheese and crackers and a bottle of wine

  11. Love these tips! And I agree with Will on the cheese and wine 😉

  12. I do not think I would like pickled beets, but I am willing to give them a try.

  13. I love pickled beets! My favorite picnic foods are fruits, veggies and string cheese

  14. I don’t think I would like pickled beets, but you never know unless you try them!

  15. We love picnics at the local park. We just had one last week.

  16. picnics are so fun. I love to bring fruit and PB&J sandwiches

  17. I love making picnic lunches for drives out to the country. I could improve, but I typically make a salad, a separate dressing, sandwiches already made, juice, and homemade energy bars. I love beets, and would love to try these We like to stop somewhere for ice cream!

  18. Oh we love having picnics! Our little one loves wind turbines, so we go down about once a week and watch it go around and around and around..and bring a picnic lunch! I love all your ideas! We usually just bring a sandwich and fruit, but you have some great ideas for us!

  19. We love going on picnics and we always bring finger foods and fresh fruit and juice.

  20. I always take fruit and veggies on picnics as well as meats & cheeses to make sandwiches. I love to also take potato salad as long as I can keep it cold.

  21. natasha lamoreux

    We take turkey sandwiches and chips on our picnics!

  22. I would love to try Aunt Nellie’s! Thanks for the giveaway.

  23. I would love to try Sweet and Sour Harvard Beets, the flavor sounds interesting. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  24. We always take fruit and cheese, with crackers on our picnics.

  25. My grandpa use to take us on lake picnics and he always brought fried chicken. Its my favorite.

  26. Stephanie Phelps

    My favorite picnic lunch is hero sandwiches and fruit. Sometimes we bring along some kettle chips or potato salad

  27. My favorite picnic foods are sandwiches, hard boiled eggs, pretzels and peaches or plums.
    Thank you!

  28. For a picnic, there’s nothing like grilling hot dogs until they’re charred. Then serve with all the fixings & chips.

  29. elizabeth miller

    I absolutely love pickled beets!! I like them with a mean or a snack. On picnics we usually have all kinds of crackers, meat slices, cheeses, and fruit.

  30. First of all, I love picnics with the brown woven basket and a blanket. The food – variety, but preferably easy to carry type. 😀

  31. Picnics always need to have 3 bean salad. And any day with pickled beets is a good day!

  32. I love taking simple leftovers with us for picnics, whether it be pizza or chicken or whatever! Fruits and crackers & cheese are our other go-to picnic fodder. 🙂 I love beets, but I have not tried this kind, so I would love to!

  33. We haven’t gone on a picnic in a very long time. But to me, the perfect picnic food (other than sandwiches) is cut-up watermelon. And some melon balls!

  34. My favorite picnic foods would probably be potato salad, chips and sandwiches although I’ve never been on a picnic.

  35. Sandwiches are our go-to picnic food because they’re so easy. Hot dogs, hamburgers, and potato salad are also great if it’s summertime and you’re grilling at the park. We always make sure to take plenty of drinks too!

  36. We like to have cheese, bologna & crackers to bring along.

  37. Growing up, I was always told that I didn’t like beets. Imagine my surprise when I finally tasted one when in my late 20s! I love them in soups and salads or by themselves, cooked every and anyway possible. In fact, had them with dinner this evening.

  38. We love picnics and enjoy bringing sandwiches, potato salad, chips and fruit along with juice or water.

  39. My kids go on picnics all the time with their Great Aunt. I pack for them either sandwiches or sometimes they take hot dogs to grill out. Then they have chips, fruit, and sometimes cheese and crackers. It usually varies.

  40. we always have sandwich chips and fruit and cheese on our picnics

  41. Kristin Williams

    I love your picnic basket!! Great blog!!

  42. On our picnics we always have fried chicken (I dont know why) maybe its a tradition ha! We also have potato salad, some kind of finger foods like cheese and crackers and water or juice, We keep it pretty simple.

  43. turkey and cheese sandwiches, chips, fruit, pickles and drinks.

  44. my picnic food is fruit salad and chips and drinks and hot dogs i dont know i love hot dogs when we go to have a picnic and cold cold drinks

  45. We love cheese and sandwiches on picnics!

  46. Picnics are awesome fun especially when the weather is starting to cool off. I always like to bring homemade lemonade, grapes, cheddar & Swiss Cheese cubes, seasoned crackers, & lots of laughter.

  47. LaTanya Thornhill

    We like potato salad and sandwiches with fruits

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