The Greatest Tips for Traveling with Kids


OshKosh B'Gosh Crossing with Daddy


Food for Traveling


Stopping for snacks is not always an option. It wastes time, can get pretty expensive, and it’s pretty difficult to find healthy treats on your trip. We always pack a small cooler and tote bag for the drive.


Here are some of our favorite travel foods to keep in arms reach in the van:


String cheese (Check out these fun wrapper decorations!)

Baby carrots, cucumbers, sweet peppers

Yogurt pouches

Hard boiled eggs

Apple slices, watermelon, bananas



Beef sticks

Fruit snacks


Water bottles and juice boxes too!

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What are your favorite foods to bring along in the car for road trips? Share with me in the comments!


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  1. those outfits and photos are adorable! As usual 🙂 And the kids, but that you already know 😉

  2. you definitely hit the nail on the head with all of your tips!!! We ALWAYS have snacks with us, even if it’s just a short trip to the grocery store. Books are also a necessity for us. We have a toy and book bun we keep in our car. ?

  3. Paper towels are very useful. They work for spills, as napkins and have many other uses. And paper plates. When my kids were little I would take hot dogs in a large mouth thermos. We’d stop at a park or a rest stop and have a picnic.

  4. Very good tips! Easy snacks and books / coloring books we always take on trips.

  5. I don’t travel much but I know that bringing snacks and ways to keep them entertained is very important.

  6. The Best Comment for Traveling is plenty of trash bags and wipes!

    • For sure! We always have a stockpile of wipes and several trash bags for all the wrappers and mess clean-ups!

  7. allow your kids to stretch out some and take a few breaks so they do not get tired of being in the car

  8. My best tip is to always have wet ones in the car and a makeshift garbage bag.

  9. When my daughter was younger, I made sure that we took breaks. Not just for food or the bathroom but to spend 10-15 mins doing something fun. It made traveling a lot easier!

  10. I always carry Dramamine and a bowl on our road trips because we found out our daughter randomly gets hits with motion-sickness sometimes as we drive for long trips. I also tend to over-pack as well and try and pair our outfits up together as we would wear them so we save time and space. I always pack our toiletries in resealable baggies to prevent leaks and I always keep a couple larger garbage bags for dirty clothes (to keep them separate from any clean ones we bring home) plus some plastic grocery bags for any dirty shoes, wet clothing, etc.

    • Great thing to have! I have trouble with that some, but am usually okay up front. Definitely a great idea to put items that could leak into baggies and garbage bags for dirty/wet clothes!

  11. My best tip for traveling with kids is to travel during their nap time. If they are known to not sleep well during travel then I suggest the opposite. I think the parents will know best. Also bring plenty of snacks and extra clothes. If driving, take multiple bathroom breaks and invest in a DVD player.

    • Yes, for sure! We like to travel through night if possible, too, so the kids are asleep and it goes by more quickly!

  12. Just keep the kids busy with games, video games, music, etc.. time will go by much faster.

  13. Bring lots of snacks and games.

  14. I always bring snacks and some toys or games to keep the kids occupied.

  15. I keep my son busy with music and snacks. Plus we stop to let him stretch and be active.

  16. I like packing snacks like grapes and goldfish because they are easy to eat without causing stains or messes. Pack an extra top or two that can be switched out if little hands make little messes without needing to change to a completely different outfit.

  17. Make sure you leave time for breaks – the kids will determine the schedule. You’ll want to pack snacks and special items for them. We always take a ‘special’ toy that he only has in the car

    • Definitely! Our boys usually get one special new toy for the trip and I think that’s what keeps them busiest! Great tip!

  18. I love this post and all of the ideas you gave. In our house traveling is always a headache. We recently found out that our kiddo gets car sick, so I will never make the mistake to leave home without my essential oils.. they have been a blessing. We are able to get about 2 hours in before having to stop and taking him out of the car to just get some fresh air and breathe. We now have a large roll of paper towel extra bags( just in case he gets sick) his bunny we can’t leave without him… ever. Snacks are a given and small finger sandwiches he loves those to snack on. In a little cleaning caddy we keep books and his favorite DINOSAURS to make the trip more enjoyable.

    • Oh no! Glad the essential oils can help! Ooh, finger sandwiches are great! Not too messy, and can be served for lunch so you don’t have to stop! Funny you mention dinosaurs–my toddler is super into those right now too and picked them out as his special trip toy!

  19. i love all your tips!!

  20. My fave tip for traveling with kids is: take a portable potty. No matter the age, kids always need to use the bathroom at the most inopportune times. With a portable potty, that is no longer an issue. Line it with grocery sacks that you can tie up when they are done, then dispose at the next stop!

    • Portable potty is always a good idea! Sometimes those stops are few and far between, and once you find one they don’t have a public bathroom! Great tip!

  21. Blankets! Why have I not thought of that before?! We will definitely be bringing some on our next road trip. Clipboards for coloring and movies usually get us through long road trips 🙂

    • Blankets are huge for us! Movies help us too. Just found out crayons aren’t good with the younger one–everything looks beautiful now 😉

  22. I definitely like to bring a roll of paper towels, trash bags, and a bunch of snacks for both the adults and kids. We must also include blankets and stuffed animals. Always try to bring a bottle of hand sanitizer for all of us since even hubby likes some after he pumps gas ☺️. And of course we love to have the movies for the iPad and DVD player to pass the time…

    • All of those are great! Blankets are key for our boys–they won’t relax until they have the blankets on them.

  23. These are awesome tips! My main “tip” I use is to travel at night so my son sleeps through most of the drive lol

  24. I have learned to carry extra bags or a bucket in case someone gets sick. Stopping to clean up puke is no fun!

  25. PLay road trip games like the abc game

  26. We always have antibacterial or baby wipes handy for wiping hands before and after meals. Or snacks. Always carry an extra toilet roll, and disposable toilet seat sheets – for just incase.

    We used to travel all the time throughout the year and when we lived in ak, we were constantly on the road, pretty much every day throughout the spring/summer/fall. I spy games, and the alphabet game was always a huge hit for everyone.

  27. Super cute and great tips! Thanks!! 😀

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