How Networking Can Make or Break Your Blog


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Still, I will continue to learn more and train my eye so my photography only improves.

Who was this blogger?

Dina at Buttercream Bakehouse


While I was in that group, I met someone else. She had been asking some questions, as she was new to blogging, and I was able to help with several, as I’d been blogging so long. We had tons of long conversations and those conversations still continue! She has far surpassed me on blog growth knowledge and challenges and encourages me all the time. I am able to bounce ideas off of her and she bounces ideas off of me! If I had to choose someone who has made the biggest impact on my blogging career, I’d have to say it would be her.

Before I met this person, I really was a “hobby blogger.” She has encouraged me and built me up to where I am now and really she keeps me going. I love that we can share our worries and our successes with each other, in blogging and in life in general. Last July I had the privilege of meeting her in person! She’s just as sweet and awesome in person (and I hope to spend time with her again this year.)

Who is this blogger?

Menucha at Moms and Crafters


My friend Menucha introduced me to several other wonderful bloggers. One of these has a lot in common with me and I absolutely love her site. It inspires me to clean up how my site looks, take better pictures, have a branded “signature” item (my fish), and she has even helped me to better find my personal style. Her site is so fun and she always posts encouraging verses.

Who is this blogger?

Jennifer at The Life of Jennifer Dawn


Recently, someone encouraged me to take the leap of paying for blog training. She even gave me a discount code so I could afford it. In all my years of blogging, I have not really done any blog training…especially ones I have to pay for. She convinced me it was worth it and I’m glad she did. Her site is fabulous and she was the inspiration for the GIF images I include in a few posts!

Who is this blogger?

JoAnn at Whimsicle


Of course, there are bigger bloggers that have great sites that have awesome social media followings and great posts, like Mum in the Mad House and The Pinterested Parent, who inspire me to grow my social media too.




Thank you to Sarah, Kristin, Dina, Menucha, Menucha, Jennifer, JoAnn and all the others who have been there for me and helped me out! I want you to know you are appreciated!

Importance of Networking


While I may not be an outgoing person and really, really have a difficult time reaching out and connecting with people in person or online, I am so thankful all these lovely ladies have come into my life in one way or another. They have pointed me in the right direction, encouraged me in life, challenged me to be better and given me the resources to get better, and helped me learn how to make income blogging (psst, by supporting my site, clicking around, making purchases through my affiliate links, or buying products from the Arts & Crackers store, you are helping me earn money towards us purchasing our first house some day!)

I would love to hear from you in the comments below–What are some of your favorite blogs? Is there someone who has been a great friend and mentor, whether it’s in the blog world or life in general (or maybe another job you have)? Who? Do you have any networking tips to share?


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