String Cheese Dress Up Family Challenge

I love how my boys’ designs turned out!

Bird (or Something)

My toddler, S, saw me in action and really wanted to join in the fun. He actually helped me place the pieces from some of the above designs onto the glue, and then I let him create his own. He added three googly eyes, a button, a feather (I love having a variety pack like this one on hand), and drew some on it with a permanent marker.String Cheese Thing

I think it is a bird.


String Cheese Dress Up Thing



Since this was a family activity, I had E make his own as well. He wanted to make a puppy, so I helped him cut out some construction paper ears and draw on some paws.String Cheese Puppy


He drew some spots around the eye area, added googly eyes, and even included a tiny pink pom pom nose. How cute!


String Cheese Dress Up Puppy

These were so much fun!


String Cheese Bride and Groom String Cheese 1920s

We did this string cheese dress up activity before lunch, so I actually included their designs in with their lunches. This works at snack time as well.

Make sure you allow the glue to dry completely before packing or unwrapping. Want to save some money? Ask your children to save the supplies used that are salvageable, like the googly eyes and maybe even the pom pom!

String Cheese Dress Up


What supplies will you grab out? Any ideas what you want to create? Share with me in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. These are so adorable – I love how the kids helped!

  2. My grandson loves string cheese. I never thought to have fun and be so creative with them like this.

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