Coffee, Canvases, (and Cupcakes!) Party

Coffee and Canvas Party Desserts

The Food

Oh man, were these treats delish! Here’s what my table spread included:

  • Dunkin’ Donuts’ *delicious* Vanilla Cupcake flavored coffee
  • Sweet cream creamer
  • Lemon Pastries (super simple recipe here)
  • Cupcakes
  • Chocolate-Covered Bananas (see how to get the exclusive recipe below!)

Get the exclusive chocolate bananas recipe!

So. You have to hear what I did with these cupcakes!

Coffee and Canvas Party Cupcakes
Confession: I did use a box mix; however, I used a new kind that only has your typical flour, sugar, and leavening agents and not all the extra gunk. Okay, I was just lazy and didn’t feel like measuring. I also went ahead and purchased the frosting from my local grocery store’s bakery, but you can make your own.

The cupcake batter and frosting were ORANGE flavored. That’s right. I simply added a few drops of my Wild Orange essential oils in there for flavor. You can use extract too, but I definitely prefer the flavor and benefits of the essential oils.

Then I made a basic homemade cranberry sauce, let it cool, then added it into the scooped-out center of the *baked and cooled* cupcakes.

I topped these cranberry orange cupcakes off with the flavored frosting and I piped it to look like flowers. Hopefully I will be able to whip up some tutorial videos for this in the near future. They looked beautiful, but I wanted to add an extra little touch–I sprayed a little edible gold spray on one side to give them a “sun-kissed” look, then sprinkled on a little clear edible cake sparkles for a dew look. I added a few sugar pearls to some as accents.

These were so perfect with the cupcake coffee!
Coffee and Canvas Party Treat Table

The Decorations

If I had to pick a style I love, I’d say it’s a “shabby chic” or “country chic” style. I stuck with that for my Coffee and Canvas party and included sleek white cake plates, paper doilies, ruffly flowers, a pink pail, and even served the cream and sugar in a glass milk bottle and mason jar.

Coffee and Canvas Party Cream and SugarSince this was a painting party, I wanted to display a sample of the painting for everyone to see before we started, so I added that to the table for a pop of color. In my party kit, I was sent some pink paper decorations, so I hung those up as well.

Coffee and Canvas Party StrawsI went with a pink and orange color scheme to match the Dunkin’ Donuts color scheme.

The Painting

I wanted to do a painting that fit absolutely seamlessly with the party theme, so we painted a coffee mug with the color scheme of pink, orange, and brown. On the bottom, I had everyone reference the Bible verse that says “my cup overflows” (I will talk about this more later.)

Coffee and Canvas Party Guest Painting 1Coffee and Canvas Party Guest Painting 2For my set up, I found some little art easels (they were actually chalkboard decorations, but they fit my little canvases–you can always set the canvases directly on the table) and set those around the table.

Coffee and Canvas Party Table Setup 2I gave everyone a small, square canvas with a paper plate, some brushes (thin, medium, and a thick wide one), a paper towel, and a mason jar with water to clean the brushes.

Coffee and Canvas Party Table SetupIf you’ve been around here a while, you probably know I am obsessed with painting canvases (see some of my tutorials here), so I talked everyone through each step and walked around and helped. If you don’t consider yourself an avid painter, keep it simple! Follow a video tutorial online, make up your own as you go, or just let everyone get creative.

Coffee and Canvas Party Instruction 1Didn’t their paintings turn out awesome?!

Coffee and Canvas Party GuestsThey don’t need to match–each piece is unique. See the difference between my sample and my party piece?

So, how did I incorporate the message on this canvas into my party theme?

Continue reading below to find out.
Coffee and Canvas Party Paintings
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  1. This looks like so much fun! Wish I lived closer so I could come :/

  2. This is such a fun idea to get together with friends, folks from church, school etc! With my hubby being from Germany – I know exactly what a kaffeklatsch is!! I have been to a few when we were in Germany – definitely an idea that needs to hop across the pond so I am excited to see your post. Dunkin Donuts coffee has always been one of our faves – I wish we still had one close by! But I am psyched to know I can find it in the stores now!!

    • Thank you, Sarah! Yes, it was so much fun! I had a friend from base and a friend from church. Loved our coffee painting and talks! Our location is a ways away, so I’m glad I can get them in store too in between our trips there!

  3. What a super fun party! Wish I would be invited to something like this! lol Who doesn’t like coffee? The cupcakes were beautiful.

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