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DIY Shoelace Wrap Watch

Shoelace Wrap Watch TutorialMy son really loves watches and often asks to wear one. With his new back to school outfits, I figured it would be a fun accessory for him to have, but I wanted to make one to coordinate with some of his outfits.

Shoelaces are fun and come in so many colors and patterns, so I made this fun shoelace wrap watch. You can use a shoelace from outgrown shoes (please wash it first!!) or buy a new pack for very cheap!

What You Need

  • A watch (must have a place to slide the shoelaces through on the sides, as shown in the pictures below–this can be an inexpensive watch for only a few dollars or you can even purchase the clock part itself.)
  • Scissors
  • One Shoelace (I used a 36″ one we purchased and it fits adults–I tried it on myself; if your child is smaller, you may want to look for smaller laces.)
  • Hammer
  • Match or lighter


1. First you will want to disassemble the watch if you have a full one. Each watch is different, but I used scissors to carefully cut off notches of the band until it was separated from the other pieces.

Shoelace Wrap Watch Step 12. Find a hard surface (I used a cutting board on the floor) and hammer one end of the shoelace flat. If your clock piece has wide holes on the ends to slide the shoelace through, you may not need to do this. I had to flatten mine pretty thin, so some of the plastic aglet ripped up, that’s okay. If you can salvage part, it will make it easier to pull the lace through.

Shoelace Wrap Watch Step 23. Lace the flat end of the shoelace down through the opening on the watch piece.

Shoelace Wrap Watch Step 34. Lace the same end up through the other side opening.

Shoelace Wrap Watch Step 45. At this point you can choose if you’d rather tie the strings (a little more difficult unless you have help) or attach the rest of the watch. I attached the rest which helped it stay put just a little more. Slide the loop piece onto the end with the flattened aglet.

Shoelace Wrap Watch Step 56. Slide the clasp on the same end, poke the center piece through the shoelace if you wish. Make sure you go down a little ways so you have room to tie. You will be trimming the lace, so if you need to adjust the shoelace length, you can shorten it this way.

Shoelace Wrap Watch Step 67. Tie the shoelace tightly to hold the clasp in place. Do two or three very tight knots, trim the end, then very carefully burn the end for a second just until it melts the threads together. Do not let it burn or it will turn a brown color.

Shoelace Wrap Watch Step 78. Slide your wrist throw the loop to get the watch on your wrist. Wrap the extra of both ends around your wrist a time or two, then thread the aglet end through the clasp, through the loop, and tuck the extra under one of the pieces that was wrapped around.

Shoelace Wrap Watch Step 8How fun is this?!

Shoelace Wrap WatchAlso pictured: OshKosh B’Gosh back to school outfit.

What color shoelaces will you use? Share them in the comments below!

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  1. This is such a cute idea! So many times the watch band breaks and needs to be replaced. This is a unique DIY fix!

  2. I love this! I am definitely sharing it on my page 😉

  3. Omg! What an amazing idea! I love this.. you can use so many different shoelaces

  4. This is a cute and useful craft! My granddaughters will love this when I show them.

  5. This is super cute! It would be great for my niece.

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