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Hey Mama Teas for Pregnant and Nursing MomsIf you are pregnant or nursing, you may know how difficult it is to find safe, delicious, and already bottled beverages. Tea was one of my favorites to drink, but either I had to be careful for contamination (in green tea, chamomile tea, etc.), caffeine, or it just took a while to prepare. Hey Mama Teas has stepped up to bring us specially-formulated bottled teas that are safe, nutritious, and delicious.

Currently, Hey Mama Teas has four tea flavors, including Lemon Glow™, Minty Morning™, Life’s a Peach™, and Raspberry Divine™. 

What I Love

Safe tea for pregnant women is now available in a pre-brewed form and that makes me so excited because when I was pregnant that is something I craved. Each flavor has its own benefits, but all include safe ingredients and Folic Acid (Vitamin B.) Some are teas that help with milk production so they are great for nursing mamas as well.

While I am not currently pregnant or breastfeeding, I was able to sample the flavors for taste. They are made to support women before, during, and after childbirth and can be helpful if trying to conceive as well. 

My favorite flavors were Lemon Glow and Minty Morning.

Now, I am not usually a lemon tea gal, but the flavor was not overpowering, it tasted like real fruit, and had warm flavors so everything blended together perfectly. It contains organic red raspberry leaf tea, organic nettle, and organic red rooibos tea. Each work together to provide nourishment, gently nurture and tone the uterus for childbirth, aid in digestion, and curb nausea. It is also naturally caffeine free.

Mint teas are also not usually my favorite, but the flavor of this was not harsh as some others, but very soft and lightly sweet. You can definitely taste the peppermint and hint of ginger. Combined with the organic red rooibos tea, these create a delightfully invigorating, yet gentle flavor. The ingredients help to soothe the stomach and curb nausea from morning sickness while improving digestion. This is a great tea to drink when you wake up.

The peach tea was also good. The undertones of anise and maple are noticeable, but not overpowering and give this a lightly sweet and spicy flavor. You will also taste a hint of floral flavors from chamomile. I love that the peach you taste is real peach and not artificial like so many peach teas. This variety contains organic fenugreek, organic fennel, organic rooibos, and organic chamomile which help with healthy breast milk production and relaxation.

Hey Mama Teas Lifes a PeachRaspberry, I’ll admit, was my least favorite. While I still thoroughly enjoyed it, I have never been a fan of raspberry tea, even completely natural (which is funny, because I am obsessed with raspberries.) The flavor combines sweet, fruity, spicy, and bitter. This one seemed a little bit sweet to me and I missed the rooibos that was prominent in the other varieties, but that is my personal taste. The organic red raspberry leaf tea, organic oat straw, organic blessed thistle help to tone the uterus for childbirth just like the lemon tea, reinforce the nerves (especially under stress), and help increase breast milk supply. 

What I’m Not Huge On

Of course, I love that the bottles are not made with plastics, I would love to see them moved into something slightly more durable. My son barely got hold of a bottle and broke it on the carpet. This has happened with other products and they didn’t break, so I think a slightly thicker glass may help. Hey Mama Teas was so kind as to send me a replacement bottle to test, which I guarded with my life. 

Other than that, I love the design. It is sleek and cheerful and clean. I even used the bottles as flower vases afterwards and matched the flowers to the colors on the bottles (see below.)

I would also like to see these available in stores! Currently, you can order these from their website. You can purchase each in a case of four, a prenatal or postnatal variety bundle, or subscribe and save with 12, 24, or 36 bottles per month.

Overall, I love the taste and concept of Hey Mama Teas. They are a great product for pregnant and nursing moms and I can see them being very helpful in the future, if I ever get pregnant again.

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Hey Mama Teas bottles make great flower vases.

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