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Fingerprint Flowers Canvas Wall Art | Part 3 | Hydrangeas

Fingerprint Hydrangea Canvas Wall Art. Click the picture to view the tutorial.

Four handprint flower canvases were just not enough, so I decided to do one more project with my kiddos. They were thrilled. Whenever I take out the paint, their eyes light up. These flowers I wanted to be a little simpler so we did Fingerprint Hydrangeas.

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Hydrangeas are gorgeous and I feel the painting turned out so beautiful. Each of us included our fingerprints so we could make petals of various sizes. Family projects are always the best and keepsakes that make awesome home decor are my favorite.

What You Need

  • Canvas(es) of your choice (I usually purchase these on sale or in the “as is” section at the craft store. I don’t care if they are marked up a bit or even have a pin hole, because it will be covered up with paint.)
  • Paint (I used green, yellow, white, blue, and red/pink acrylic paint.)
  • Paint brushes, various sizes (I used a larger, flat brush for the background and small and medium ones for adding details.)
  • Damp washcloth (for messes!)
  • Dry washcloth/towel
  • Cup of water (to rinse brushes)
  • A sink nearby
  • A hairdryer (or time–this is to get the paint to dry between layers)


Fingerprint Hydrangea Canvas

1. Paint the background of the canvas. Again, you can do this any way you wish. I decided to use green and yellow (together on the brush at the same time, but not specifically mixed) and leave some brush strokes to give the look of grass. Let dry (or briefly blow with a hairdryer on low heat, low power.)

Fingerprint Hydrangea Step 1

2. Paint several large leaves around the canvas. Add accents to them if you wish (I added more later too to give it some depth.) Let dry.

Fingerprint Hydrangea Step 2

3. Let your child dip his/her pointer finger into a mixture of pink (white and red), blue, and lavender (pink and blue mixed) paint. I did not fully mix the pink, blue, and lavender together, I swirled it instead, so the flowers would have a unique and layered color to them.

Fingerprint Hydrangea Step 3

4. Add fingerprint dots in clusters to make the hydrangeas. Each floret is made up of four petals, so make the clusters out of many groups of four dots. Make this a family craft and have everyone contribute fingerprints so your florets are many different sizes. Overlap the florets here and there.

Fingerprint Hydrangea Step 4

5. Add a handful of white dots to the centers of some of the florets their signature hydrangea buttons. If desired, you can do four dots clustered in the center as hydrangeas have four-lobed buttons. I did one for simplicity.

Fingerprint Hydrangea Step 5

6. Here you can go back and add more detail to the leaves if desired. make the edges and veins stand out with a darker green color.

Fingerprint Hydrangea Step 6

Bonus tip: Do not forget to sign and date your artwork! This is an important step in any keepsake craft. You do not want to forget those memories with your children, or how old those handprints are. Take lots of pictures too!

Fingerprint Hydrangea Keepsake Canvas Wall Art. Click the picture to view the tutorial.

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  1. Another masterpiece.

  2. Another great art project with your kids! Awesome job!

  3. I have been wracking my brain trying to come up with something cute (and a little different) I could do with my kindergarten students to decorate a vase for our school’s silent auction…this is so gorgeous and I can easily incorporate all 17 kids! Thank you for the tutorial!!!

    • I’m so glad to hear that, Carrie! I hope you all have a wonderful time. I love that you are going to use it to decorate a vase! Feel free to share a photo of the finished vase on my Facebook page (https://facebook.com/artscrackers or tag me in a public post) or tag me (@artscrackers) on Instagram! I’d love to see. I hope your silent auction goes spectacularly!

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