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Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Cordless Vacuum | Review

Disclaimer: I received a free product for my post! These views are my own and were not 
at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity..

Dyson DC35 Cordless Vacuum

Having a husband in the military and two little boys, our floors get messy very quickly. I need a vacuum that is going to be easy to use, convenient, and powerful, so I was so excited for the opportunity to try out the Dyson DC35 Digital Slim vacuum, one of their cordless, handheld vacuums.

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The Dyson DC35 is only one of the vacuums in their awesome Digital Slim series, so be sure to check out the rest to find one that will meet your specific needs!

Dyson DC35 Vacuum and Accessories

What I Love

This Dyson Digital Slim Cordless Vacuum is so handy in so many ways. Of course, this vacuum is handheld. Without the cords, this vacuum can go just about anywhere. There are multiple attachments–the floor tool, combination tool, and crevice tool–as well as a removable wand that can be used to reach further so you do not have to stretch or bend. Sometimes I prefer to use the wand when I vacuum the stairs because it saves my back. The wand is also perfect for “short” people like me who need a little extra help reaching cobwebs on ceilings and dust on fans.

The DC35 comes with a convenient wall mount docking station unit where you can store and charge your Dyson along with a few accessories. The pieces click right into place and are easily detached for use. The great thing about this unit is that I can hang it within my reach but out of my son’s reach because as much as I love his help, I don’t want him getting the vacuum on his own. Thanks to the incredible Lithium-ion battery, this vacuum can be charged in 3.5 hours then used for up to 15 minutes (13 minutes with the floor tool and 6 minutes on maximum power) without losing any of it’s power or charge!

Dyson DC35 Wall Mount

Because it is lightweight–less than 5 lbs-I can really be mobile with this Dyson. It works great on the stairs, in the car, for the couches, and for the little bathrooms on our top floor. In fact, this vacuum is so lightweight that even my 4-year-old can use it! Total win for Mommy. My son has SO much fun using the Dyson Digital Slim and I now have an awesome little housework helper! It also has a low-profile floor tool so it can get underneath most couches and other furniture easily without scraping.

Dyson DC35 Low Profile Head

This Dyson cordless vacuum is extremely powerful when it comes to cleaning. The motor is a Dyson Digital motor and it uses Root Cyclone technology that increase air flow to help pick up more dust. Even without the Dual Power Mode MAX button pressed in, it picked up all the little pieces on both the hard and the carpeted flooring. Once I tried with the turbo, it picked up things I didn’t even know were in the carpet. My first reaction of course was, “Eeewwww our carpets were so dirty.” Then I realized that a regular vacuum would not have even picked up half of that dirt and dust!

Dyson DC35 Dual Power

The picture at the top is how much gunk was vacuumed off of just a few steps and a little bit of spilled dirt and cereal (courtesy of my baby); it’s crazy! Besides the powerful suction, the carbon fiber bristles are stiff to really loosen and pull up dirt that is deep down in the carpet and are anti-static so the dust and dirt can be sucked up rather than kick into the air and settle back down like most vacuum bristles.

One of the best parts about a Dyson is that it is easy to clean and comes with washable, reusable filters! No fussing with bags. No paper filters that soak in the dust and cannot be washed. Simple cleaning means a product that will last longer and have fewer maintenance and repair costs.

Dyson DC35 Filter

What I’m Not Huge On

While my hands are pretty small, I did find the space between the vacuum itself and the handle/trigger to be a bit of a tight squeeze. Once I got used to the feel it was fine, but I still would prefer a little more wiggle room personally.

Dyson DC35 Trigger

Overall, this vacuum is amazing. It is sturdy, deep-cleaning, lightweight, and convenient. It has been tested to endure wear and more than average abuse so it can stand up to your everyday use (and my son’s.) There is so much more to say, but you will have to try it for yourself! Click here to learn more about this vacuum’s features.

Be sure to check out my YouTube review to see for yourself how my first experiences with the Dyson Digital Slim DC35 went! Take note that the vacuum sound in the video is a lot louder than it actually is when you are using it; the camera amplified the sound.

Bonus Tip: Christmas is just around the corner! Watch for deals on this vacuum as it would make an amazing gift! This is also the perfect gift for wedding showers and housewarmings!

Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Cordless Vacuum

-Where will you use the Dyson DC35 Cordless Vacuum?


  1. Ok, a few things: 1 that is AWESOME! 2. That is SUPER AWESOME! Also, my vacuum takes up like my whole house! Plus I need to drag around a super annoying cord, did I mention that this is awesome? It’s so on my wishlist now. It would be amazing to be able to vacuum while holding baby, now that he is overcoming his phobia of all things noisy! And I love that it can be small so little kiddos can help. And your babies are precious! (you must’ve worked up some crazy muscles there…)

  2. I like to think that if I had an awesome vacuum like that I would clean more often.

    • You know what, it really does help me. I am pretty lazy when it comes to vacuuming after my kids constantly make messes, but this is so easy I’ve been keeping up with it!

  3. I NEED this! Adding it to my Christmas wish list 🙂 my two year old always vacuums with me with his pretend vacuum and the cords always trip him and get in the way. So this is perfect! Plus I can hold my daughter while cleaning 🙂

    • My son has a mini Dyson that he usually uses and it does vacuum up a small amount, but this is so much more helpful to me and it isn’t too much bigger!

  4. Michelle Crooks-Rattan

    Great Job On the video. I really want one of these.

  5. I have heard a lot of good things about Dyson vaccums. This looks like it would be a great one for getting up pet hair from steps, and other dirt as well.

    I have been needing a new vaccum, but the one I would like needs to be an upright one that is medium to large in size.

    • Dyson has some great upright vacuums as well! We actually have one for our regular vacuuming and I love it. Very lightweight and easy to maneuver.

  6. I have pet and wood stove issues. I’m constantly lugging out the big vacuum and vacuuming. This would be such a better option for me. I know too that Dyson is good quality and that it would do a good job.

    • This sounds like it would be perfect then! It’s such a huge help for quick clean-ups. I usually leave them for a couple days if I have to bring out the big vacuum so this really helps my house stay cleaner.

  7. I love how lightweight this vacuum looks and how there are many different functions for it that are easy to interchange so you can get your whole house clean!

  8. I am so in love with that vacuum! I love your video and the baby helping! lol

  9. I NEED ONE!! My son and dog make so many little messes that I can’t stand hauling out my 200 pound old dyson. I love handheld vacuums, but this one can do so much more! I can’t believe all of the things you can do with a baby in your arms, too! He cracked me up when he tried to put his mouth on the attachment!

    Great video!

    • I know what you mean! My boys are sooo messy haha. My big Dyson is a lightweight one and I love it but this cordless one is definitely more convenient! Haha he’s a goof that’s for sure! Thanks!

  10. Charrise C. {Darlin' Deals - www.darlindeals.com}

    WOW! That vacuum looks so lightweight and convenient, the main thing I hate about vacuuming is pushing around a heavy machine. I will have to check that one out 🙂

    • I’m with you! I can’t use heavy machines so this is perfect and so helpful for moms who have babies always attached at the hip!

  11. Thanks for the review. I have always seen Dyson products and debated getting them. Maybe it is time to buy a Dyson.

    • Definitely! It is a great brand; I’ve had nothing but high-quality products from them. I actually own an upright Dyson as well, which we received as a wedding gift years ago, and it has stood the test of time (and kids)!

  12. I will have to check it out. Dogs, kids, and allergies mean that the floors MUST be cleaned daily.

    • Definitely! I just used it today to clean up an entire pot of dirt my son spilled today after tipping and playing in a plant and it worked so well!

  13. This would be perfect for our home with only a few carpets and i love that its small and wont take up a ton of space like our huge one now. Great pictures!

    • Definitely! We don’t have much space either so it works well. I had to use it today for a spilled plant (entire pot of dirt on the carpet) and it was so convenient.

  14. This vacuum is pretty cool! I need a lightweight one so I could keep up with my toddlers messes, I swear she makes messes faster than I can clean them up!

    • I hear ya, Anissa! This is so super simple for all those messes. I have two boys and…oh, the messes they make. My carpet is currently snowed on by torn-up styrofoam. This vacuum makes it so easy to clean it up.

  15. I have always liked these little vacuums because there are always tiny messes that do not require the large vacuum to take care of.

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