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FrogTape Painting Tape Review

Disclaimer: I received a free product for my post! These views are my own and were not 
at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity..

FrogTape Pro Painter Masking Tape Painting is definitely one of my favorite projects when I move into a new house and when painting, it is important to use a really good painter’s tape to keep your lines clean and crisp. I had the privilege of trying out FrogTape Pro Painter’s Masking Tape in three different varieties–Multi-Surface, Delicate Surface, and their NEW Shape Tape in the Chevron design! Click here to visit their website I tried out the tape on some crafts for my All Decked Out Patio Makeover and will soon be posting a DIY project using the tape so keep your eyes peeled! We will also be working on some more awesome projects with FrogTape inside and out, including wall painting tips, so make sure you are getting my blog feed (sign up your email to the right of the page) and follow me on social media (to the top right) to know when I post! 

What I Love

I grew up using other brands of painting tape, so this was my first trying FrogTape. I am in love with it! Their products are so innovative and simple to use. 

The Multi-Surface masking tape is what I would mainly use for painting walls or furniture pieces. It is green in color, has flat edges, is 1.41″ wide, and I have been able to find it easily at our local Lowe’s hardware store. Because it has medium adhesion, it can be used on all surfaces, but it works better on surfaces that are harder (wood, stone, glass, metal.) You are able to leave it on for 21 days after painting if needed and still achieve a clean removal. Frogtape Delicate Surface Painting Tape The Delicate Surface painter’s tape is also 1.41″ wide with flat edges, but it is a yellow color and has low adhesion so you still get the great lines without ruining whatever you might be sticking it to. You are able to use it on surfaces such as freshly painted walls (24 hours old,) wallpaper, faux finishes, and primed wall boards. I used it on some burlap fabric (tutorial coming soon!)

The Shape Tape comes in three designs–Wave, Chevron, and Scallops. While it is not recommended for use on textured surfaces, I used it on some burlap and it worked amazingly; I am extremely satisfied with the results. The tape is yellow and seems to have a low adhesion, so I was able to use it on delicate surfaces without ruining anything and was still able to achieve clean paint lines.  Frogtape Shape Tape Chevron I used the Chevron tape to spruce up…well, I can’t tell you what this project was yet so you will have to watch for my post soon! Can you guess what I’m making? I also will be using it when we paint the walls in our bathroom! If you look on their website, there are oodles of design ideas and inspiration for ways to use FrogTape Shape Tape from on cups to canvas paintings to walls to wooden chairs! Create vertical, horizontal, or diagonal designs, use it to create unique and intricate patterns, or vary the widths of each pattern line! I have had so much fun already using this tape and have so many more ideas for it! This product is definitely unique and makes it so easy for anyone to paint these designs themselves saving time and money.

I used the Delicate Surface tape on burlap, as I mentioned earlier. Most masking tapes stuck to burlap material would pick up tons of particles, but this product from FrogTape was very gentle and allowed me to peel it away cleanly while still leaving clean paint lines. When it says “low adhesion” you probably think that means it will not work well, but that is so not the case. I was able to use the tape over and over and over on the same project and each time the lines came off clean and the tape stuck to the material just fine. Of course, over time it will lose its stickiness, but you definitely do not have to worry that the product will not work as promised, because it does and then some.  FrogTape Chevron Shape Tape Painting on Burlap FrogTape is treated with PaintBlock Technology that seals the tape edges to provide the cleanest paint lines possible. Out of all the brands and varieties I have used in the past, I can say hands-down I have had the best results thus far using FrogTape. It definitely “Keeps Paint Out. Keeps Lines Sharp.” as the packaging states. If used properly, you will love this masking tape. It is easy to use, leaves very crisp and clean edges, and has a wide variety of masking tapes to fit your design needs. 

I also really like the containers that FrogTape is stored in. Other brands have the tape just sitting out so the edges can get bent and beat up or collect lint and fuzz which will prevent clean lines. The canister is sturdy has a lid to keep it sealed. 

What I’m Not Huge On

Regular FrogTape packages come in 60 yd rolls, but the Shape Tape is only 25 yd long. I really would love to see the rolls be larger, but I do understand that typically this tape will be used for designs on smaller projects or accents on walls and not an entire wall, room, or taping the borders. The tape is so much fun, however, I can see getting carried away and making all the walls Chevron design then needing to have that full 60 yards of tape. 

Overall, FrogTape is perfect for your projects, whether you are an amateur painter or a professional painter. They have high-quality masking tapes to fit any of your design needs, create fun patterns, leave clean lines, and protect the surfaces the tape is used on! Click here to learn more about how FrogTape works then Click here to find out where you can buy them near you. Check out FrogTape on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. FrogTape is owned by ShurTech–keep an eye out for another review on ShurTech products! **FrogTape is a Carolina Brand! Watch for other Carolina brand items to be highlighted on my blog! What are your favorite #CarolinaBrands? Use this hashtag to tell me on Facebook!

Bonus tip: FrogTape encourages you to recycle the canister when you are finished with it or reuse it for storing items like nuts, bolts, beads, etc.. You could even put a little cup inside the center ridge and fill it with some yogurt or peanut butter or ranch dip and put some kid snacks like carrots, apples, or pretzels around where the tape used to be! Make sure you clean the canister well before you put any form of food inside. (It would also be fun to use some of the tape to paint fun designs on the lid!) Of course, I had to show you all a picture of how great this works; since we were all out of pretzels I had to cut up an apple; I had not planned on eating an apple, but I also was not about to waste it so, inadvertently, FrogTape made me eat an apple! You know what they say; “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”

FrogTape Canister Reuse as Snack Holder

Weโ€™re getting All Decked Out! Be sure to check back in for DIY projects and the reveal of my patio makeover! 

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-What painting project(s) will you use FrogTape on?


  1. WOW – What an awesome product! I love the different tap shapes – perfect for unique DIY projects!! And your reuse of the empty container into a snack container was INGENIOUS!! I love your blog!

  2. I really like that tape. I love your idea about using it as a snack holder.

  3. Great review! I love that they have Chevron design tape! I can’t wait to find out what is the secret project that you’re working on ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Alison Roberson

    Wow, the DIY projects are endless with this tape! Can’t wait to try it!

  5. My life has changed! Chevron tape!!! Ok, so when you pull it off from the roll, does it just come off in a zig zag fashion?? Fantastic!! The images in this post are outstanding!!! You are genius…to go PB and apples!! I think I am going to have to run out and get this for me (the chevron) and my son (snack pack!)
    Thanks for the great post!!

    • Yes, the tape is actually shaped in the Chevron pattern. You peel off the backing before you stick it on. Thanks so much Dawn! Share your FrogTape Snack Container and craft pictures on my Facebook wall if you make it!

  6. What?! Chevron tape???? I want!! Thanks for a great review! Totally checking out this product!

  7. Stephanie Hebert

    Chevron painting tape that is AWESOME!! I need this!!

  8. What are the tabs for on the container of the yellow delicate surface frog tape? I’ve been trying to figure out why they’re there? I’m just curious is all.

    • Hi Dustin, I’m not positive, but I’d guess it is so the containers are able to stand up on the shelves in the stores (or wherever you store them at home).

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