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An Honest Review of Capel Rugs Finesse Area Rugs: Garden Maze

Disclaimer: I received a free product for my post! These views are my own and were not 
at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity..

Patio Makeover Outdoor Area Rug

You all know by now that I am in the process of my All Decked Out patio makeover. Well, I needed something to tie it all together. I needed a rug. I found a great rug company that is local to North Carolina, so I was very excited at the opportunity to review their new Capel Rugs Finesse area rug line!

Click here to visit their website

The Finesse series from Capel Rugs is a “Capel Anywhere” rug that can be used both indoors AND outdoors! Made in Europe exclusively for Capel Rugs, they are woven with precision machine looms out of 100% Olefin yarn and UV treated to prevent fading in the sun. There are many patterns to choose from (see here) but I chose the gorgeous Finesse Garden Maze Ocean Blue design because it coordinates well with my patio theme. 

What I Love

The Capel Finesse rectangular rug I received for my patio measures 5’3″ x 7’6″ which fits perfectly on my deck. It is the perfect size for most areas you would want to add a decorative rug. This rug does, however, come in 3’11” x 5’6″ and 7’10” x 11′ sizes as well for larger or smaller areas. I love having these options because we do not all have the same size rooms or patios so having a variety of sizes ensures you will find just what you need. 

I love that this is an indoor/outdoor accent rug. If I wanted to use it in my living room or under my dining room table, I could and it would look great and hold up very well, but I can also use it outdoors and it is able to withstand a lot outside so it still looks great and does not mold or fall apart (with proper care of course.) The material is comfortable enough to use this rug anywhere, but is not too soft and fluffy so if it gets wet it dries off easily. You can also easily wash off stains with a little gentle soap, warm water, and a sponge–I have already tried this because I decided it would be a good idea to feed my 3-year-old pizza on the deck. It cleans up nicely! Click here to learn more about properly caring for this rug for outdoor use.

Having options is important. This is why I love the Finesse collection–there are currently 41 rugs to choose from in this series in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Whether you are looking for something blue that is floral and whimsical like me or red chevron, beige stripes or green pueblo, they are sure to have a rug for you!

While I cannot say how the rug will last over a long period of time outdoors as ours has been out for about a month so far, it seems very sturdy and durable. Ours has withstood several large rainstorms already since we put it on the patio; we have been caring for it properly and bringing it in when the huge storms rolled in and it still looks great–no tears or mold or dinginess. Do remember that when you first unroll your brand new Capel rug it will curl up a bit on the edges (you may have noticed this in my pictures above.) Put some heavy items on to weigh it down then let it sit out that way for a while and it will eventually flatten itself, which you will see when I begin posting more of my patio pictures.

Capel Rugs Shipped

What I’m Not Huge On

I really do love this rug. That being said, it did seem to fade a little bit since the day we first put it out. Honestly, I believe this should be expected as it was just first exposed to the sun. I have not noticed fading since it initially lightened, but as I mentioned above it has only been outside for a month at this time. I would like for it to still be very bright and vibrant as the first day, but it still looks amazing! I did place the rug in a slightly shaded area, but it really depends on the type of day for how much sun it is exposed to. There is a huge tree directly over top, but it is extremely tall so most of the shade is given by the house. If you have a deck cover or gazebo, your rug’s color will last much longer.

Overall, I highly recommend Capel Rugs’ Finesse line, especially if you want something that can be used both indoors and out. Besides some minor fading after initial sun exposure, with proper care and cleaning this rug should last and serve you well. It is made with high quality materials and there are so many beautiful design choices. The Capel Rugs Finesse Garden Maze in Ocean Blue is currently my favorite item on my deck because it does the perfect job pulling everything together plus it gives us a comfortable surface to walk barefoot on when we are enjoying the great outdoors on our patio. Click here to learn more about the Finesse line of area rugs. Check out Capel Rugs on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

Blue Floral Rug Pattern

**Capel Rugs is a Carolina Brand! Watch for other Carolina brand items to be highlighted on my blog! What are your favorite #CarolinaBrands? Use this hashtag to tell me on Facebook!

If you are in North Carolina, be sure to visit the Capel Rugs showrooms in Troy and Raleigh:

Capel Rugs Outlet
121 East Main Street
Troy, NC 27371
Phone: 800-462-7745
Capel Rugs Raleigh
8000 Winchester Drive
Raleigh, NC 27612
Phone: 919-881-0688

Capel Rugs Finesse on Deck

Also pictured above: BrylandHome Rolling Deck Box

We’re getting All Decked Out! Be sure to check back in for DIY projects and the reveal of my patio makeover! 

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-Take a look at the Finesse rug line; which rug is your favorite?




  1. Its really hard to find a good quality rug these days. Especially a indoor outdoor one. I really like it! Even though you said that it faded some It looks good! I think its very pretty!

    • It is! We had a rug from another company (I don’t remember the brand) that was for indoors only and that one did not hold up even in the house; this one is doing great and it is outside!

  2. Such a unique rug – I love the pattern! Great color choice!

  3. Can’t wait to see the rest of you patio decor.

  4. I can’t choose a favorite! I do love that one you have out on your patio. Love this!!

  5. That is amazing! I LOVE the colors! Your deck looks amazing! I have lots of military friends in NC. I will be sure to pass this along to them!

  6. angelachristopher

    We are in the market for new rugs, inside and out, heading to their site now, thanks!

  7. Ours has withstood several large rainstorms already since we put it on the patio; we have been caring for it properly and bringing it in when the huge storms rolled in and it still looks great–no tears or mold or dinginess.

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