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The Green Earth Pan by Ozeri Review AND a Bonus Recipe

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. All views are my own.

Ozeri Green Earth Pan

Cooking is a lot of fun, but the right equipment is key. Frying pans are one of the handiest kitchen products because you can use them for all types of cooking. I was able to try the Green Earth Textured Ceramic Pan by Ozeri; learn about my experience below!

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What I Love

The Green Earth Pan is so easy to use. The sides are deep so you can fit a lot in the pan. With other frying pans I have used, the edges are shallow so you cannot put much in the pan and it is easy to accidentally push things over the pan onto the stove. The bowl is a perfect size at 10 inches diameter. Before it was difficult to make frozen skillet meals because they would heap over the top of the pan. Now the whole bag fits in and I can even stir it! Frying some rice was a cinch and nothing spilled out of the pan. It also works well for making foods like my grilled Turkey, Provolone, and Artichoke sandwich (recipe below)!

Ozeri Green Pan Cooks Evenly

Most skillets are a huge hassle to clean off. They burn and cake on foods so you have to scrub and scrub and even then it usually does not look like new again. This Ozeri pan, however, has a durable non-stick surface and did not give me any issues at all with food sticking or difficulty cleaning. Whether I was frying up some eggs and onions or rice or my cheesy sandwich, the cooked food wiped right off. You can also use a lot less oil with this pan because it already works to prevent sticking so it makes your food a little healthier. At first I was concerned a lot of food would get caught in the divots as the bottom inside has a textured surface, but I have no issues at all. Instead, it seems to help the food cook more evenly thus preventing burning issues and it helps to distribute the heat evenly to the food. You can clean this pan with hot soapy water and a soft cloth, and even a dishwasher if you must (though hand washing is recommended.) The pan is even very scratch-resistant but just to be sure it even comes with a nifty felt liner for storage!

I love that no matter what or how I cook the pan helps the food to cook evenly thanks to its high-quality die-cast aluminum. You can see on my sandwich picture that the bread has the perfect golden crust and there are no uncooked patches. You can also see when I was cooking the eggs that they stayed nice and yellow; the other pans we own would give the eggs a dull brown look which made them rather unappetizing. You can use this pan to saute, bake, boil, fry, and braise. The pan cooks your food quickly and perfectly with its magnetized under side meant to transfer the heat quickly when using induction stoves and it even has a heat-resistant silicone handle so you can grab it without an oven mitt whether you need to move it for stirring or flipping flapjacks. 

Ozeri Green Pan Non-Stick

The Ozeri Green Earth Pan is safe to use! You all know I’m all about chemical-free and safe products when possible so I was happy to learn that this pan’s ceramic is made from GREBLON, an very safe non-stick coating from Germany that contains absolutely no PTFE and PFOA and other harmful chemicals.  PTFE (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene) is used in most non-stick frying pans and can release cancer-causing toxins when exposed to high temperatures. This chemical-free pan does not leach toxins as it is “inspired by nature–not a laboratory.” Find out more about toxin-free living here.

What I’m Not Huge On

Really the only thing I had an issue with at all was that the pan seemed to stick to the stove when it was still warm so I could not slide it off the burner, I had to pull it and set it on a cool area when the food was finished cooking. I realized later that this is probably due to the magnetic bottom. It is really no big deal to lift rather than scooch but it is something to remember when you are using your Ozeri Green Pan, plus I probably should not drag pots and pans across the stove anyway to avoid possible scratching. 

Overall, I seriously love the Green Earth Pan and I definitely would recommend it. It is the only frying pan you will ever need! With this Ozeri frying pan, you can achieve even cooking, use less oil, stay chemical-free, and all with an easy clean-up! 

The Ozeri Green Earth Pan makes a great Father’s Day or wedding gift! Why not purchase one for yourself while you are at it! I love mine so much, so I truly think you will be happy you did. You can purchase this Ozeri frying pan on Amazon.com. Follow Ozeri on Facebook!

Bonus Recipe:

Grilled Turkey, Provolone & Artichoke Sandwich

Grilled Turkey Provolone Artichoke Sandwich

You will need:

  • 2 slices of your favorite bread
  • 2 slices of provolone cheese
  • 4 slices of thinly sliced deli turkey
  • 1 artichoke heart, chopped
  • butter for grilling


1. Lightly butter the outsides of the bread.

2. Heat the pan carefully, just until warm.

3. Place one slice of bread, buttered side down, on the warm pan. Top with cheese, turkey, and artichoke then the other slice of bread, buttered side up.

4. Grill the sandwich in the pan a minute or two to your liking then carefully flip over to brown the other side.

5. Press down on the sandwich with the spatula to hold all the ingredients tightly together so the sandwich doesn’t fall apart when you eat it–think of a panini. 

6. Once the cheese is melted and the bread is browned to your liking, remove from the heat and enjoy!

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-What is your favorite dish to cook in your frying pan?

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