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Mombo Nursing Pillow in Safari ‘n Stripes Pattern Review

Disclaimer: I received a free product for my post! These views are my own and were not 
at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity..

comfort and harmony mombo nursing pillowWith my first son I tried to use a certain brand nursing pillow while I was breastfeeding. I found it too firm and rounded and uncomfortable so I resorted to just using a regular pillow like we use for sleeping at night. This time around I came to my senses and tried out a Comfort & Harmony Mombo nursing pillow.

The Comfort & Harmony Mombo nursing pillow has a firm side on the bottom for support and a soft, plush, rounded side on the top for comfort and enhanced nurturing. I received the NEW Safari ‘n Stripes patterned slipcover and it is ADORABLE! The top side is gray with giraffes, lions, elephants and little birds. It is accented with bright orange, baby blue and lime green–this color scheme is very in-style right now. The bottom has a bright striped pattern and the trim is a light blue color.

comfort-and-harmony-mombo-nursing pillow front comfort-and-harmony-mombo-nursing pillow back

The Mombo pillow has a unique shape that hugs comfortably around Mommy and fits pretty well while sitting in a glider as well. I have found that most nursing pillows do not fit at all in a nursing chair so I am happy this one does! I use a glider mainly at night and using a nursing pillow helps immensely. I admit, the other night when I was at the peak of my cold, I was extremely tired and still had to feed my son. I was sitting in the chair and I zonked out for few moments. Thanks to my Mombo nursing pillow tucked close to me, flat on my legs with the rounded top keeping my son from rolling, my son was able to continue to eat and did not fall from my arms and my arms didn’t have to reflexively jolt to pull him back to me. This product does exactly what it is supposed to do in providing comfort and support as your nurse and nurture your baby.comfort and harmony mombo nursing pillow two sides

Of course, this Comfort and Harmony Mombo is far more versatile than just being a nursing pillow. A secondary use for this product is as a support for your baby whether it is snuggling your newborn cozily in a lounge position, providing a little extra boost during tummy time when your little one is building up neck and back strength, or propping your infant up in a sitting position. This pillow comes with a vibrator that you can insert inside the pillow and it provides a comforting vibe that will soothe your little one. I would even try this during tummy time if your little one is gassy; vibration helps to get the gas bubbles moving for my little man. I love that this pillow doubles as a support for my baby because I do not always want him in his chair or his swing and he does not always like to lie flat. Being able to set him down on the floor propped comfortably in a place where he can enjoy seeing more of the room than from a stationary swing is a great option for me and he loves it too!

IMG_5359 IMG_5366Not only is this pillow comfortable for your little one while lounging, but throw over a blanket or some fabric and use this pillow to prop your baby up for pictures! You can have your baby facing you in a lounge position or take the picture slightly from the side or you can flip the pillow around and prop up your little one for tummy time. If your baby cannot hold up his/her head yet, try turning the pillow to the side to take the picture in a resting position with the head nestled on the hands. I used the Mombo pillow as a support to take some Christmas pictures of my adorable 1-month-old and they turned out amazing!shawnChristmas1

Now, you all may have gotten the idea by now that I like to come up with even more uses for already multi-functional products. If you need to write something and you are sitting away from a table and all flat, solid surfaces but your Mombo pillow is handy, I have found that it is useful to flip the pillow to the firm side and you will have a flatter writing surface. I find myself trying to write using my leg or the arm of the couch in place of a table and I always run into issues with the pen not working properly or the paper bendicomfort and harmony mombo nursing pillow another useng and making my writing sloppy. I have none of those issues when I use the flat support side of my Mombo! It’s like a comfortable little table wrapped conveniently around my stomach! I could see myself using the firm feature as a table in other instances as well such as holding popcorn during movie night. Good thing the slipcover is removable and machine washable and I can spot clean the pillow just in case I drop something on it.

I really do enjoy using the Mombo pillow and it has made mommyhood and breastfeeding a little easier on me in so many ways. I plan to use this pillow the entire time I nurse my little boy and to continue using this pillow with any other babies we may be blessed with in the future. PS, keep the sturdy plastic bag the pillow comes in! It has Velcro to close and a handle to carry so if you move a lot or travel or want to put it safely away for your next baby, you can keep the pillow protected!

Want to purchase this nursing mama essential (or add it to your registry?) This product is available at Buy Buy Baby and Target–visit this link.

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  1. My sister in law is pregnant…this would be an AWESOME gift idea! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Good to know. I have a boppy and also a freebie from nursingpillow.com. My freebie is becoming pretty flat and I was thinking about replacing it because my boppy doesn’t fit between the arms of my glider…perhaps I should try the mambo instead. 😉

  3. Stephanie Fontaine

    What a fantastic idea for photos. 🙂

  4. Very cute prints and colors!! looks like it would be more comfortable than boppy!?!

    • Hey Kristin! Sorry I just saw this. Yes, it is definitely more comfortable than a Boppy! I used to have a Boppy but I got rid of it because it didn’t fit in my chair and just overall was not comfortable on me. I am in love with my Mombo!

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