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Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump Review

Disclaimer: I received a free product for my review! These views are my own and were not 
at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity..

A breast pump set that is both lightweight and comes in a fashionable faux leather tote bag is probably the dream of every nursing mommy. Before I get into more about this awesome breast pump, I want to say how much I LOVE the carry case this comes in. No one can tell there is a breast pump inside because it looks just like a large purse or small diaper bag (and it could easily double as either of those)!

As a mom who plans to solely breastfeed, I understand the importance of having a pump. With my first child, the pump that I had did not work properly so I was unable to pump and let other people feed him a bottle so I could take a break. I also could not relieve any pressure when he wasn’t ready to eat or have a bottle ready when we were out and about. I had a manual pump as well, but with my carpal tunnel and tendonitis pumping this way was far too painful. This time I am trying the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Double Electric Breast Pump (click here to visit their website)!

The Purely Yours Ultra breast pump is a single-user pump with professional performance and hospital trusted. This pump will work great for every day pumping and is for working moms and moms on the go. As a military spouse with a husband who will be deployed after the baby is born, this pump will work wonders for me when I am out-and-about, especially when I travel back home for Christmas. The device is very lightweight and comes in a stylish faux leather carry bag making it easy to tote the pump around with you. Inside there are pockets and compartments as well as another pocket on the outside making it easy to organize your tote. You even have the option of three different power sources on the pump: AC adapter, car adapter or 6 AA batteries. My kit came with both the AC adapter and the car adapter but not all models include the car adapter.

With this particular kit, you will get three sizes of CustomFit Flanges (the cup part of the pump) in sizes 25.0mm, 28.5mm and 30.5mm so you can find the size that fits properly for you. Finding the correctly-sized flange for you can make all the difference in pumping comfort and success. If the cup is too small or too big, you may not get out as much milk as you should or it could cause you a lot of pain. The pump comes with instructions to help you find the correct size for you.

Every mom is different. Some prefer quick pumping while others prefer slow. Some need more suction than others. Ameda’s Purely Yours Ultra pump is perfect for this because you can adjust the speed and suction to what is comfortable for you. Although I cannot physically pump yet (since I am still pregnant so that would not be wise,) I tested out the suction and speed options against my leg. Comparing to my last pump, I can tell this one will be far more comfortable. The pumping is smooth and gentle thanks to the silicone diaphragm inside the upper chamber of the HygieniKit milk collection system.

As I mentioned, this is a double pump (however, you can adjust to a single pump if you choose.) Double pumping may increase your milk supply as well according to studies (as mentioned on the Ameda site.) I know that with my first baby I would notice a lot better results when I double-pumped. The Purely Yours Ultra kit also provides the necessary parts for a manual pump if you choose to use that!

Ameda aims to provide purity, comfort and ease. For purity, the HygieniKit Proven Airlock Protection to prevent air flow between the pump and the milk (bacteria and other issues can arise when the milk gets into the pump through the tubes so preventing this is very important.) The entire pump kit is also BPA free! For comfort, Ameda provides you with three flange sizes right off the bat. If you still do not fit any of these, you are able to purchase other sizes that will fit into these. Finally, for ease is the CustomControl knobs which allow you to adjust your pumping experience for the best milk flow and comfort as mentioned earlier.

This kit includes:

(1) Purely Yours Breast Pump

(1) Dual HygieniKit Milk Collection System (without BPA and DEHP)

(1) Ultra Suede/Faux Leather Stylish Tote

(2) 30.5mm CustomFit Flanges

(2) 28.5mm BreastFlange inserts

(6) 4 oz./120mL milk collection bottles with lock-tight sealing lids

(1) Cool ‘N Carry™ Milk Storage Tote with 3 cooling element, for milk storage

(1) One-Hand Breast Pump adapter, for manual pumping

(1) Milk storage guidelines card

(1) AC power adapter

(1) Car adapter

(1) Instructions for use

Comfortable, easy, flexible, safe…I LOVE this pump! I am so excited to use this when our baby boy arrives in a few months. Ameda is a brand I really trust; WIC and the hospital/insurance often provide the Ameda manual set to new moms. Ameda even has multi-user hospital-grade pumps that are available!

Find where to buy here.

Want more information? Check out the Ameda Facebook page.

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