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About Arts & Crackers

Welcome to Arts & Crackers! My name is Alyssa Darby and I am a military wife and mommy blogger! My husband joined the United States Air Force on December 6, 2011 and life has been crazy ever since. There are so many challenges that come with being a military spouse, usbut I am so proud of my husband and am happy to stand behind him every second of every day.

We have a son who is two-and-a-half and is always full of energy. I love having the opportunity to teach my son new things like how to use kid scissors, how to mix colors, how to count, how to mix batter, and so much more. This blog is a result of the adventures we have already had and plan to have in the future and I hope you enjoy following us along as we get crafty, get cooking and get bigger!

I will share ideas and how-to advice for different crafts for around your house and to teach and entertain your children, cook for your family and with your children, share family-friendly and honest product reviews for the whole family, as well as personal excerpts from my life as a mom and military wife along with advice and chuckles based off of situations that arise.

In addition to having a toddler, we¬†found out a couple months ago that there is another little one on the way!! Since¬†we have a child already, seeing how our son reacts to no longer being an only child will be a new experience for us. This will provide even more opportunities to share how we deal with issues that arise, share how we prepare him for a sibling,¬†keep a pregnancy journal, and decorate more! Since my husband is set to be deployed when I give birth, I should have a chance to keep a journal¬†on how I get through¬†it “on my own” and¬†I will¬†update you with¬†what¬†I learn along the way.

Currently we are stationed at Seymour Johnson Air Force base in North Carolina. This is our first base, but we are hoping to make the world our home and introduce our son to new languages, food and cultures as we travel.

We are a Christian family (Independent, Fundamental Baptist if you have to put a name to it) and have Christian values reflected in how we live every day. Through challenges of infertility then a threat of miscarriage¬†during pregnancy, we have learned patience and to wholly trust in God’s provision and protection rather than in ourselves and others. We have also learned sometimes God says “no” or “wait” and we should be thankful for that because He knows what He is doing. I pray our faith in God is displayed in my personal posts as we face various challenges of military life, having a toddler and going through pregnancy.


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