Playroom Makeover Sneak Peek with Minted Art

Minted Playroom Makeover Labels

Our kids’ rooms were due for a makeover, so we partnered with Minted to freshen up the playroom.   Drum roll please…and the playroom makeover is complete! I am so excited to share the full makeover with you, but that will take a while to pull together (there is a lot…

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Hidden Treasures Ocean Coloring Page

Treasures Beneath the Waves

This month’s free printable adult coloring page challenge theme is my favorite of all…   Deep Sea   (Aka, the ocean)     I absolutely love everything below the waves…the creatures, the treasures, the colors. Growing up, all of my birthday parties would be somehow sea related and I even…

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Paper Fairy Puppets Tutorial

Fairy Puppets Coloring Pages

As promised, I have another fun tutorial using my adult coloring page paper fairies! This one is a Paper Fairy Puppet and it is oh so cute.     Oh, and yes, that is me featured on the puppet. My boys begged and begged for me to make myself into…

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Military Spouses–Beacons in the Storm

The Finest Hours Overcoming the Bar

Not many people truly understand the impact of military spouses on the home front and what they go through. As a military spouse, there are so many different thoughts that go through your head when your spouse is serving on a deployment. There is so much you go through that others will never experience. Through this…

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Let’s Talk Family Mottos | Bringing Up Bates

Family Mottos Bringing Up Bates

We love having uplifting family-friendly TV shows to watch, and even learn from, as a family. I am excited to partner with Everywhere Agency and Bringing Up Bates to share some family mottos and an update on their season premiere.   Let’s talk family mottos. Do you have any? The…

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Coffee for the Troops | Military Match Program

Military Match Program Community Coffee Mug

For a lot of military serving our country overseas or stateside, coffee is a huge staple. For my husband, I believe his first deployment was what really got him started on coffee (besides my caffeinated, coffee-addicted influence on his since we started dating.) When…

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Instagram Tips (from an Instagram Addict)

Instagram Tips for Blogging

Let me begin by admitting that I am not good at social media. As someone who is very shy and visually-minded, social media confuses me. There is one network that I absolutely love and do fairly well at, however, and that is Instagram. I want to share my Instagram tips…

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